What I will wear to the end of the world

I often think of end-of-the-world scenarios. I wouldn't call myself obsessed, but let's just say that when I walk the dog I look for manhole entrances and good hiding places to slip into when everything goes to hell in the near future. Am I crazy? Come now. I'm just practical.

I grew up reading grand old science fiction novels. Almost all of them predict that the world as we know it will end - horribly - at some point, so if I'm lucky enough to survive the first wave of death and destruction I want to be ready! Perhaps we can discuss how I plan to survive in a civilization that has fallen apart at another time. For now I want to show you what I will wear to the end of the world (provided I have a few minutes to get dressed).

My must-have pieces of clothing if I must survive the apocalypse:

1. Military-style jacket. This is actually a man's jacket that shrunk in the wash. Now it fits me perfectly! It has lots of pockets and a hoodie I can tuck in at the collar. Great for when I feel cold or need to be protected from a light rain.

2. Cardigan. I just want an extra layer of clothing on top of my black shirt. It can also double as a blanket, cushion or spare top.

3. Jeans. At first I was thinking of wearing these thick leggings but jeans won out. They're stiff and don't need to be washed often. It would offer a bit of protection if something small were to bite me or if I have to make my way through debris or undergrowth.

4. Thick scarf. This is an incredibly handy thing to have around! It's big enough to be an impromptu blanket or a rope. It's also soft and absorbent enough to be used as a tourniquet or just an all-around towel.

5. Sebago boat shoes. I'm quite specific about this one. It HAS to be Sebago. It's super comfy and is made of thick leather. Soles are sturdy. Most importantly this dries up quickly and is easy to clean! I plan to live in a boat or island so these shoes are perfect.

6. Hat. To protect my head from the elements and to shield my face from the sun.

Of course I've also thought about the beauty products that I would need to bring along. :P Nothing fancy because I doubt I would need makeup at the twilight of civilization, but these are useful.

Lucas Papaw Ointment for wounds and chapped lips, VMV Armada Sport 70 for solid sun protection that's also waterproof, and a red lipstick on the off chance I need to be presentable (can also be used as blush or tint). Or write something on a wall for everyone to see. Or use as war paint for my comrades.

So there you go. :) What do you plan to wear should the world end? Will you be bringing any beauty products?

PS I hope you still think I'm sane. Hehe.