Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup

Right! To kick off this week's reviews, here is the popular Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup (P975), a matte cream-liquid foundation hybrid that promises to be long wearing. I'm sure you've read a lot of good things about it already! I won't prolong the suspense, which is why I'll go ahead and say that it's a great foundation for the price.

Here's why.

What I love about the product

  • Makes my skin flawless. Scary flawless but not in a bad way. The coverage is medium to heavy and it's even opaque enough to be a concealer.
  • The matte, super smooth finish doesn't look flat and fake on skin - as long as you give it some minutes to settle. It looks weird upon initial application but after 15 minutes or so the foundation seems to blend better. It slightly oxidizes. Know this to be true: it looks better the longer you wear it.
  • Looks amazing in any lighting - indoor, outdoor, in a studio, with flash even if it has SPF20.

  • Long-wearing. Doesn't fade or slide off with oil/sweat. It's something oily-skinned girls will love! I get oily only after good five hours (take note I have combi skin), so I only need to retouch once when I wear this all day.
  • Unlike other thick, long-wearing foundations, Whipped Cream is very easy to work with. You can use your  fingers, sponge, or favorite brush to spread it around as it's not a picky texture for me. You need to blend this properly though.
  • Doesn't feel heavy or caky on the face.
  • Surprisingly no breakouts.
  • Fairly affordable at P975 for a big jar. 

Swatch of Natural Beige on NC35 (medium yellow) skin. Not my shade, and I know it, but it's the one I have. I'm posting it here for demo purposes.

To appy: dab it all over the face then blend downwards with your preferred tool. Apply another layer in areas where you need coverage like under the eyes, blemishes, etc.

I use my fingers or a powder brush like this one from Charm. A flat top brush works well with this foundation too. Yes it looks gray and weird on me - again not my shade, but you'll see how it looks better after a few minutes of adjustment to my skin.

Set with powder in indoor natural lighting around 5pm. 

Flash, indoor

Natural light, morning. Very heavy layer.

In a studio under harsh white lighting, shot a video podcast

What I don't like about the product

  • I would rather have a pump for a foundation like this, or at least a compact. It's such a hassle to screw the cap on and off, not to mention that it's unsanitary without a spatula.
  • It feels very sticky initially but it dries down eventually.


The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup whipped up a storm (get it? Ha ha) because people found it difficult to believe that a drugstore foundation could look and wear this well. I highly recommend this for oily girls who need a long-wearing foundation for everyday use - just make sure to wear a thin layer as the coverage can look heavy for day. It's also a great special occasions foundation because it photographs amazingly well (no white cast).

I'm not entirely sure about the shade availability here but there are 12 in the Revlon website. As with all foundations, make sure you get a good shade match. Tip: it's wise to swatch on your neck instead of your cheek or jaw line. The goal is to blend the foundation to the color of your neck to avoid looking like a floating head.


Great stuff! I didn't get an exact shade match in Natural Beige - I think I'm a Warm Golden or Medium Beige in this line, though I'm usually a Medium in other Revlon foundations. Why they changed the names of their shade selection here I don't know. :/ Anyway I think I can pull off Natural Beige as long as I'm not facing any flash. I will probably get my correct shade somewhere down the line, when I'm out of my other favorite long-wearing foundies.

What do you think? Have you gotten this already, or do you plan to?

PS - I'm sure some of you will ask how this compares to the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. Sorry, I haven't tried that so I don't have feedback. When I do I will definitely do a comparison. :)