Hot from Charm: Retractable Brushes

Perhaps the best thing about Charm is that Sophie is always working on improving her brushes. She's super OC about making them better than the last batch, which means that you can really see the improvement whenever she comes out with something new! For instance, the Retractable Powder and Blush Brushes are considerably softer than her original synthetic collection; the bristles are somehow thinner and finer.

These new brushes are super dense but still pliable enough not to eat all of the makeup you would rather have on your face. I also like the case mechanism - the retracting cover ensures that the bristles won't get mangled whenever you open or close the cap. It closes tightly so you don't have to worry about it floating in your bag and leaving the precious brush head unprotected. ;) Overall, these brushes have really good case to go with the quality of the bristles.

So wait, how do these brushes work to begin with? Here's a quick guide!


The Charm Retractable Powder Brush (P500) is best for buffing loose mineral powder and thick, hard to spread liquid or cream foundation. It has a short, dense head that doesn't have too much give, which allows you to blend the makeup smoothly and evenly onto skin. It can function much like the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, except the shape and size is quite different. Between the two of them, I would use the Shiseido more for detail jobs.

It can also work with pressed powder, of course, which makes it handy as a retouching brush both for sheer or colored face makeup (blush, bronzer, illuminator, etc). It's compact and light enough to bring in a handbag without taking up too much space.

The Charm Retractable Blush Brush (P500) is perfect for its intended use - blush! I love how super duper soft this brush is. It's longer, less dense, and thinner than the powder brush. You can also use it the same way you would use the Powder Brush, actually, but since it's smaller you can get a more defined blush or contour. It's also handy if you just want to remove shine from the T-zone.

I love that it delivers a soft touch of color on the cheeks each time. Not too much, not too little - just right. I feel that this is a great brush to use with too-pigmented, hard-to-blend blushes/contour powder.

If you already own a few reliable synthetic brushes then you don't really need these two. You can just snap on a brush guard if you must take them out of the house, too. Still, if you want more compact and secure retouching brushes in your bag then you will hit the jackpot with these Charm Retractables. :)

You can purchase them online here and in the physical locations of Charm.

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