Reader question: What's the worst beauty product you've tried?

Hi Liz! What's the worst beauty product you've ever bought? I'm reading a magazine and I think this may be an interesting topic. Same question for your beautiful readers out there! :) - ManilaJen

Heeey Jen! Nice question. Thought I'd put this up on the front page so everyone can share their stories as well. ;) Anyway...I don't want to slug beauty brands as I work with beauty brands. When I buy or receive something for free, I always make sure to manage my expectations. Some products are worth more than what you pay for, some just exact, some a little less, but nothing so horrible as to be completely useless. So it's been a while since I've tried anything that is so bad, I didn't bother using it at all after the initial face swatch.

First thing that came to mind is this set of e.l.f Primers. The white and "champagne" primer really didn't cut it for me - the white was truly chalk white and with so many big glitters too! Champagne was chunky and odd-looking on my lids. But the worst part really was that when I opened the box, the primers were already ROUGHLY used. The rims were a mess, it's like someone used the items as testers. :/

Thankfully the translucent primer looked new, so I tried it for a while. It's not a bad primer all things considered. I just felt cheated because the other two in the box were duds.

Kinda my fault because I didn't check before I bought it. It's what the sales lady gave me so I trusted her. But...yeah. e.l.f. is an inexpensive brand with some good products too, but like I keep telling everyone, it's wiser to save that money and buy something you can rely on 100%.

On the other hand, buying expensive products doesn't guarantee that you'll get your money's worth. An intelligent consumer must always research first, test on the spot, and if possible, get a sample before investing on a pricey product. On average though, I get better results with high-end brands. That's a fact and not bias. 

So there you go. Please do share your product nightmares, but please be gentle and constructive. The people behind the brand *might* be reading this so this is your chance to get your feedback out. Just don't resort to hatin', is all. :)