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Rant: I'm not the makeup-optional girl that Glossier wants to sell to

I always come with a positive mindset whenever I try new products. In the decade that I've tested hundreds of products for Project Vanity, I've come to understand that each has its pros and cons and that what works for some may not work for me (that rolls the other way round too). Beauty, I love to say, is so personal. We buy things for different reasons and not all of them is based purely on how effective the product is.

That said, I didn't initially intend to write this review of some Glossier products I picked up online. There are other things for me to write about but Den our Managing Editor convinced me it should be out there. So why not? 

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Editor's Eye Picks: The new Make Up For Ever Ink Liner and Color Paint

I'm a huge fan of Make Up For Ever because they always have professional makeup artists in mind when they create products. Their colors can be as creative and exciting as they can be wearable, plus the formulas - they wear so well during the day! I always pick up MUFE when I know that I need my face to stay with me for at least a solid eight hours.

Recently, MUFE launched two new eye products: the Aqua XL Ink Liner (P1,400) and Aqua XL Color Paint (P1,495). These are designed to be water-resistant and long-wearing, with lots of fun color options. I've been testing them out for a couple months now and here's what I think!

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Quick swatches: the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow

Have you guys downloaded Spotify? This isn't sponsored or anything - it's just that it's so awesome! With this app you can search for any music, discover new ones, and save them to play lists so you can access 'em anytime. It's free with ads, but the premium version is just P129 + taxes. Super super cool. 

Anyway, thought I'd start off the week with some quick swatches of the awesome L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows. I've reviewed these before so I won't go into much detail other than shade descriptions! I don't think these are available in the PH yet, so for now you can order them at Bon Marche, an online seller. You can find drugstore names there much cheaper compared to the local retail prices. ;)


Swatches! I love Bronzed Taupe and Golden Sage. I've had these for a while as the taupe in particular is one of my most-worn single colors last year! Continuous Cocoa is also a great shade, for sexy smoky brown eyes. 

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Color lovers, rejoice: the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow has arrived in the PH

When I was very young, my mother gave me art materials for Christmas. She included boxes of pencils, oil pastels, and water colors along with fresh paper. That was the most memorable gift I've ever received in my life. My mother didn't just give me stuff - she gave me possibilities, the means by which I can explore whatever talents I might have. I don't remember asking for art materials but she figured out I would love them.

Until this day, getting a box full of colors make me feel disproportionately happy. I collect paints and colors in different mediums for my art hobby and I also love getting palettes and pots of makeup. Who knew a fairly inexpensive Christmas present would define who I am today? (That, and books). I would be a different person had I never received it.

Anyway, the introspection is brought to you by this press kit from Maybelline! I was at the launch of the brand's latest cream color, the Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (P375), yesterday. You'll remember that I reviewed and loved them last year so I'm pleased that they're finally here! These are excellent long-wearing and uber pigmented eyeshadows that don't even require a primer - or brush, for that matter.

I won't go into detail describing these as I've already posted a review. All you need to know is that if you don't have one (or three), you better run and shop. This is a cream eyeshadow that definitely deserves your hard-earned money. They're easy to work with, they're pigmented and come in beautiful colors, plus they stay on all day with very mineral creasing (if at all). Oh and did I mention they're quite affordable? They're selling for P375 each locally!

I highly recommend getting Barely Branded (a metallic warm beige) and Bad To The Bronze (rich, warm bronze) to start your collection with. These are shades you can use everyday. Later on you can move on to the more exciting colors, which you can use not only as eyeshadows, but as eyeliners too.

Here are the swatches!

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Laura Mercier Week: Metallic Creme Eye Color

Need to dash out to a meeting in like 30 minutes so this would be a very quick post! Haha. Anyway, you already saw the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color (P995) in action, which makes it easier for me to describe. This is a cream eyeshadow that comes in pro-looking silver tubes. Now I know you're thinking: buuuut it's metallic! How wearable could it be? I assure you that they're very nice on the lids, alone or mixed with other eyeshadows.  

These cream eyeshadows last around 3-4 hours without creasing if I'm not using primer. If I have primer though (which is normally the case), they pretty much stay on all day, with no creasing. Fingers could be used to apply them quickly, but I prefer to use my MAC 217 for a finer finish. I suggest you watch my video to see how I worked the product onto my lids. ;)

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Eyeliner Week: Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense

The big beauty trend this year is bright and bold eyeliner. The eyes are mostly left naked except for that intensely colored line - thick, thin, geometric, it's all in style as long as the liner is in a jewel or matte neon tone! I really enjoyed this particular trend, as you can see in my past FOTDs. It's easy to do and works well with pretty much any outfit I wear.

One eyeliner that stood out to me recently is the Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense (P1,100). This, I believe, is another reformulated version of a Clinique staple. I haven't tried the old one so I can't compare; I can tell you though that this one is quite good, with such a buttery smooth texture, intense color payoff, and good staying power!

The Quickliner is meant to be smudged for that undone rockstar look (it comes with a soft smudger tip), but it's sooo creamy that it can be used as a cream eyeshadow by itself. I also love to use this as a base for my 5-minute smoky eyes technique, since it sets solid after a few minutes.

This eyeliner doesn't budge for about five hours, after which I notice minor smudging. It's acceptable, and easy enough to clean with tissue. 


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Eyeshadow Week: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow

Do tell me, after all the persuasion I've thrown your way, that you have one or two cream eyeshadows already in your possession. Please. No? Bah! If you can trust this blog on ten things, one of them would be the fact that you MUST have at least one basic cream eyeshadow for quick looks. You're missing out if you haven't tried it yet!

I think some girls are scared that cream eyeshadow would just slide right off their oily lids, but with new formulas like the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows (P320 at Bon Marche), you never have to worry about silly things like staying power. Or brushes. Or eyeshadow primers!

This Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows have received a lot of raves because they are practically waterproof, smudge-proof, and crease-proof. It's true! You can run a marathon and these things would most likely still be on your lids. 

The product comes in a sturdy glass jar, and a cap that seals completely

They are easy to apply with just fingers although I prefer to use my MAC 217 to blend them properly.

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Rave: L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow

I wish I planned my purchases while I was in Hong Kong. If I spared a thought on what I needed versus what looked interesting at that time, I would have grabbed all the available shades of the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow! No dice about it - this is an awesome creamy eyeshadow that is worth. Every. Single Cent.

Thankfully, Bon Marche Page sells this locally for only P280. It's about the same price in HK! 

So what makes these eyeshadows awesome? Wow, let me count the ways! They are intensely pigmented, they're smooth and creamy, a  dream to blend, and they stay on ALL day with barely any creasing - WITHOUT the use of primer. Yes I need to capitalize those words. These L'Oreal Infalliable pots are everthing bold eyeshadow should be. 

And they're cheap.


These look and feel like cream eyeshadows but they are technically packed powder pigments with a bit of binder thrown in. You can use your fingers for a quick swipe of color but if you want a more refined finish, these shadows work perfectly well with both animal or synthetic brushes.

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Clinique Week: Chubby Stick For Eyes

People pay so much attention to their eyebags, forgetting that the skin on the eyelids darken too. If the lids are dark and uneven then you'd still look tired even if you concealed your bags perfectly. So always use a brightening cream (or for that matter, powder) eyeshadow whenever you can.

Yes you can also use concealer on the upper lids but IMHO, your eyes naman would look too blanked out and one-dimensional, if you know what I mean. So I recommend using an eyeshadow in a flattering shade - it doesn't have to be neutral, it could be something smoky or colorful.

Cream is a great formula for quick eye looks, so today I'm gonna talk about something new, the Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes (P920)!

I must admit that I was quite skeptical when I first heard about this. I've tried a Clinique cream eyeshadow before and it was sadly disappointing. However, I am pleased to report that the Chubby Stick For Eyes is worthy of being part of the popular franchise! This stick eyeshadow is pigmented and stays on the lids for hours even without primer.

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Rose Gold

A lot of people think it takes me forever to do my face (forever being an hour and a half upwards) but the truth is quite far from that. I don't have time for foolin' around so over the years I've cut down my full face routine to about 30 minutes, 40 tops. Spending 30 minutes can get me a nice, colorful look but an additional 10 could mean a glamorous dark smokey eye. Quick yet polished, they should write that on my gravestone.

So imagine what I could do with just 10 minutes. I'm a quick worker, but I won't take all the credit!There are certain products that help cut down the time I need to be polished and presentable, and one of them is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Rose Gold (P1,550).

I like v-neck shirts. I love watermelons. I LOVE THIS STUFF. This simplifies my makeup routine immensely! It's a cream eyeshadow that you can just draw on your eyes without needing any brushes. Use your fingers to blend the edges and poof, you're done. Seriously, this is perfect for girls who are intimidated by eyeshadows.

The shimmery pinky gold shade can make your eyes look brighter and more awake in an instant. Aside from using it as a lid wash, you can use this on your waterline and tearduct area to banish the redness that appears from exhaustion. It can make tired eyes look whiter.

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MeMeMe Dew Pots

I didn't really care for cream eyeshadow before. Why bother when there are excellent powder eyeshadows in any color and finish you can think of? But Lisa Eldridge's tutorial wearing cream eyeshadows plus the Bobbi Brown Shore steered me in the right direction. I realized that this particular formula has something to offer to busy girls who want intense, enhancing, and long lasting color on the eyes with minimum effort.

I love wearing cream eyeshadows when I don't have the time or inclination to fuss on my look. It's easy to blend in primer then wear one color on the lids but it's even quicker to swipe on a cream color! Lazy much? It's a great way to enhance the eyes in just a few seconds! Anyway I recently found out about the MeMeMe Dew Pots (P300-ish at Makeupholics*), a cream eyeshadow that received decent reviews online.

Here's what I think. :)

What I love about the product

  • It has good color pay-off. One swipe is enough to shade the eyes, but since I want a super opaque finish I swipe twice. I just use my fingers!
  • It's thin, non-sticky texture makes it easy to spread and blend with minimal effort. It doesn't skip or create streaks on the lids.
  • It comes in a glass jar with a cap that seals tightly. 
  • Affordable!

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Cheap finds: Ever Bilena cream and glitter eyeshadows

Not gonna lie - I prefer to use premium products over cheaper alternatives. You can call me a brand snob but the fact remains that pricier products look, feel, last, and color better. But hey, that doesn't mean that I don't buy cheap things! I'm still on the lookout for bargains to play with so I always visit Watsons and other beauty stores.

A few weekends ago, I bought some Ever Bilena eyeshadows in Watsons Mall of Asia. I did some major swatching all over the place but these won me over because of their cheap price tags and nice color payoff. They're not quite like the high-end stuff, but for the price, it's really hard to nitpick. 

First off, we have EB cream eyeshadow in Peridot. This is a nice leafy green with gold shimmer. It's not opaque, but it shows up nicely on the lids.

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