My fuss-free, long-wearing eye makeup with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadow

If you have oily and sweaty lids and just want something, anything, that will stay on them no matter how hot or humid it gets, fret not. Make Up For Ever's Aqua line is here to hold your hand as you wade through a world trying to melt your makeup off! In all seriousness though, it's rare to find a consistent collection that can stay on all day with barely any fading, if you need them to. MUFE products are expensive but totally worth it if you just do not want to worry about retouching or even so much as a whisper of a makeup meltdown.

One of the latest Aqua alums to arrive in Make Up For Ever stores here in the Philippines is the Aqua Matic Glide-On Eyeshadow (P1,350). The Aqua Matic is a cream eyeshadow in stick form that promises creaseless, long-lasting color that's practically waterproof. It will not rub off or fade once it sets; it can only be removed with micellar water, or an oily eye makeup remover.

You don't need primer to make them stay on. In fact, you can use them as primer for your powder eyeshadows! I chose two colors for myself: Metallic Pink, a mid-tone shimmery pink with high opacity, and Golden Grey, a stormy grey with golden flecks. It takes a couple of layers for it to look solid, and is lighter in color than you would think.

I like to use these twist-up crayons two ways. One is to apply a thick line much as I would an eyeliner, and another as a sort of primer for a contrasting eyeshadow.

In the above photo I'm using Metallic Pink as a fun eyeliner. The color makes my eyes look fresh and playful, without looking overly twee. I love pairing it with long lashes, light brows, and juicy lips. This eye look takes me literally three minutes to put on! It's my default for when I'm in a rush to leave the house.


Here I'm wearing Golden Grey as a base for a green, silvery eyeshadow. First I laid it down into a sharp, elongated shape, and then carefully applied the eyeshadow on top, just near the roots of my lashes. I darkened my crease with a  matte brown eyeshadow just to get some depth, and I'm done! This is a clean, fuss-free smoky eye that requires little blending. I went with a pale pink lip to keep it cool.

When your Aqua Matics lose their tips, you can sharpen them with a built-in sharpener located on the bottom of the pencil. Just pull it off and then snap 'em back on when you're done.

Overall, I love the Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Eyeshadows and would recommend them to anyone who  wants to wear colourful eyes with the least amount of hassle. They stay on all day without a primer or even retouching, so oily-lidded gals will surely enjoy the formula.

Would love to know what you think, as always! Which look above did you like more? How do you like to use your cream eyeshadows?