Chic and sparkly: The Bobbi Brown Glow Collection

Sparkles are not just for little girls. Applied in just the right places, they can make a face look brighter and livelier! They're fun when used sparingly (or a lot, it's really up to your mood) so I always keep pots and pencils of sparkles ready when the occasion calls for it.

Lately, I've been wearing sparkly cream eyeshadow as a quick way to bring light to my eyes. One of them is part of the Bobbi Glow Collection, which just came out this month. It's all about having a fresh start with soft, shimmering shades that reflect the new you for the New Year. As with everything that Bobbi Brown does, the collection is curated with an eye for subtlety and class. I have two products from Glow: the Limited Edition Extra Lip Tint (~P1,000) and the Long-Wear Gel Sparkle in Pink Oyster (~P1,300).

The Limited Edition Extra Lip Tint is housed in a sleek white tube and has the look of a jelly balm. It's extremely emollient and glides on just like butter. It's infused with Olive Oil Complex, Vitamin E and C, and Babassu Palm Seed Oil. It's incredibly moisturizing; I've been suffering from a cold and my lips are dry, so I just whip this out for quick relief. It has no scent.

The Extra Lip Tint leaves the slightest pink tint. If you have dark lips, you won't see much color, but I imagine it will leave a stronger stain on pale lips. I don't recommend this if you're looking for color. I like it nonetheless, as it's sooooo smooth and I feel that my lips just drink it up.

The Long-Wear Gel Sparkle in Pink Oyster is a cream shadow and liner hybrid. I love using it as eyeshadow because it looks like a flash of soft pink light on my lids! As a liner, it can be worn on the waterline. The formula stays put for about three to four hours on my normal lids without primer. With primer, it doesn't move for six hours. Bobbi's cream pots are really some of my favorite products for my eyes.

Here's  swatch of the balm and cream shadow! The Gel Sparkle looks pinker in person, but here you can see how fine and reflective the shimmers are.

The eye look I didn here in sparkle-on-sparkle. First I applied a layer of Pink Oyster all over my lids, then contoured my crease with a light matte brown. Finally, I lined my eyes with a sparkly dove grey crayon and pumped my lashes with a lengthening mascara.

I've been swatching lipsticks in this photo session so I have a slight stain already before applying the Extra Lip Tint. Without any stain, it's a more subtle color. You'll notice how glossy the finish is; my lips look nice and plump with it! I recommend staining your lips first with a pigmented lippie before applying balm - any balm. It's the best way to achieve just-bitten lips and it's a low maintenance, long-wearing combo too. 

So there you go! ^_^ Hope you enjoyed the look. It's one of my faves currently, since it's so quick to do and I love the tongue-in-cheek play on a normally off-putting texture. It pays to be adventurous sometimes!