Laura Mercier Week: Metallic Creme Eye Color

Need to dash out to a meeting in like 30 minutes so this would be a very quick post! Haha. Anyway, you already saw the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color (P995) in action, which makes it easier for me to describe. This is a cream eyeshadow that comes in pro-looking silver tubes. Now I know you're thinking: buuuut it's metallic! How wearable could it be? I assure you that they're very nice on the lids, alone or mixed with other eyeshadows.  

These cream eyeshadows last around 3-4 hours without creasing if I'm not using primer. If I have primer though (which is normally the case), they pretty much stay on all day, with no creasing. Fingers could be used to apply them quickly, but I prefer to use my MAC 217 for a finer finish. I suggest you watch my video to see how I worked the product onto my lids. ;)

The tiny opening prevents me from squeezing out too much in one go. Love that it's sealed too, so that the cream doesn't dry up prematurely!

I have two Metalic Creme Eye Colors here, Copper Sunrise and Golden Mist. Copper Sunrise is a highly pigmented orangey bronze - well, copper! One layer is enough to get you that rich, warm color, and you only need like one large dot for both eyes. Very economical! 

Golden Mist and Copper Sunrise. This amount should be enough for both eyes.

Golden Mist is a sheer, iridescent white gold. It's ideal as an eyeshadow topper or a quick wash on the lids. This could be something that you can use on the highest point of your brow bone or as an extra layer on top of your eyeshadow for a more "dimensional" effect.

Wearing Copper Sunrise on my lids here. The trick to incorporating metallic shadows in your daily routine is simple: keep them only on your lid area. Don't go to the crease or even the browbone (unless you highlight only one point). 

Overall, I enjoy the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colors. You know I love cream eyeshadows as they are a quick yet pretty way to fix up the eyes! I feel like such a pro when I'm using these LM ones. I have this new metal palette that's the perfect mixing surface for this formula. Just had an idea: I should try combining Copper Sunrise and Golden Mist sometime! I bet the result would be awesome. ^_^

Okay signing off now! Have a great evening!