Quick swatches: Ellana Lip & Cheek Palettes

Last weekend was perfect. I went to Tagaytay with my blogger friends and Snaps (my doggie!) for a fun barbecue party on Saturday, then I spent Sunday just painting and napping. For me it's important to have a balance between being with people I love and being alone. Loneliness is never a bad thing, if it allows you to place things in perspective and even push you to be more creative. 

So! Today I'd like to quickly talk about the Ellana Lip & Cheek Palettes (P499) which is a combination of two shades that I actually picked haha. As you know I work with Ellana Minerals. I really enjoy being part of product development when I get the chance! I paired the colors based on how well they play off each other.

I like the creamy formula of this one as it's thin and easy to spread. It can be used properly on both lips and cheeks - just apply a small amount and blend with your fingers! Do be careful with the bright colors though (Primadonna and Celebrity) as they are seriously, and I mean seriously, pigmented. A small dot per cheek is enough to get you going. It might take a bit of practice to get the blending right but it's worth the result, imo.

The staying power is pretty good at about 4-5 hours, especially the bright shades. They really stain the skin, so they're perfect for oily gals! On the lips, make sure to prime first with lip balm to get the colors to show up evenly and smoothly.

There are three palettes available but I can't find the other one in my stash huhu. Anyway, below is Primadonna/Goddess, which is a good combination of a fiery orange red and a wearable warm pink. Celebrity/Diva has a bright bubblegum pink and a rosy bronze that can also be used as eyeshadow. Notice the warm and cool pairings? 

These swatches doesn't quite capture the brightness of Primadonna and Celebrity - they are better experienced in person!

These swatches doesn't quite capture the brightness of Primadonna and Celebrity - they are better experienced in person!

What don't I like about it. Hmm. Well, be prepared to get messy fingers or brushes whenever you use this. The colors really stick and can be a bother to remove from your applicator.

And that is that. Do avail of the Ellana Lip & Cheek Palettes at the online store and try the cash on delivery service nationwide! There's also free shipping for orders above P1,000. If you use my affiliate link for the first time, you get 15% off. ^_^ FYI!

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