5 good beauty products I forgot I had

There are many products I like a lot but stop using simply because there's always something new to review. Eventually, they get buried under all the new stuff until I forget about them. That's why I decided to shop my stash for old favourites! It's like a nice surprise gift to myself whenever I find something that I really enjoyed using. They aren't HG-level, but they are nonetheless quite good!

To wit:

Too Cool For School Pearl Bay Invasion in Baby Clam Pink (~P800). The quirky packaging aside, Pearl Bay Invasion is a gorgeous illuminator and highlighter. This pinky gold champagne shade is nice to mix with your moisturizer for an instant glow. You can also blend it on top of your foundation to fake a fabulous bone structure via artful highlighting!


Joey Healey Luxe Brow Powder (P1,472 from Luxola). This is a neutral taupe that works fabulously well with dark-haired girls who want a lighter color but can't pull off blonde or light brown brow products. The hard powder stays on fairly well and is super natural when brushed on. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (P375). This is possibly the best drugstore cream eyeshadow I've tried! It's easy to apply with just the fingers and doesn't need primer to stay on. Still waiting for the matte version to get here in the PH. Bad To The Bronze is my absolute fave from this line, and have worn it so many times already. It just fell off the wagon for a while. So glad I found it again! I actually thought I lost it. 

Rosebud Salve (425, available inside Suesh). I bought these cute pair of boots the other week but my how they chafe! I rummaged through my cabinets to find something that can help when lo and behold, I found my tin of Rosebud Salve! Like I said in my review this is just ok as a lip balm, but excellent as an anti-chafing balm and a cuticle moisturizer. Love the rose scent!

Etude House Dolly 3-Step Eyes in Cute Doll (P648). It's easy to be dazzled by palettes with lots of gorgeous colors, but it's always good to have the basics with you. If you can't afford the Urban Decay Naked Basics then this 3-color Etude House palette is a good alternative. It's warmer too, so a lot more wearable IMO. I found Naked Basics too cool for my skin tone.

Have you shopped your stash recently? What did you find?