Cheap finds: Lip Ice Water Colour Lips in Vintage Pink

Ten years is the actual length of time that I've been blogging. I started  in 2005, the same time I started at university. Those were exciting times since everything was so new, and there was much to learn. It was also rather frustrating since I discovered that I wasn't nearly as talented or smart as I believed I was.

That first blog still exists somewhere in the Internet. I like reading back sometimes to see how my life was like. I did that recently and you know what? I was impressed by my youthful opinionated self haha. I was sharp as a tack, eloquent, well-read.

Now, well, I write, photograph and think about makeup most of the time. I paint whenever inspiration deigns to come near me. I bum around Facebook talking to friends and clicking links.

I miss my old self, I realized. That doesn't mean however that I don't like who I am right now. Can't those two things exist in the same space?

Anyway! Have you got dry lips but still love wearing color? Give them a break with something like the Lip Ice Water Colour (P145). This is a highly hydrating lip balm that surprisingly delivers an even albeit a sheer shade of pink.

The texture is slinky and wet, like your typical lip balm. It's transparent as with watercolors; it gives a nice pale yet warm pink to the lips while allowing their natural color to show through.

Of course, if you've got uneven or dark lips, this might not work for you. This also isn't particularly long-wearing (it rubs off in under two hours) due to the balmy texture.

However, if you want to make it stay on longer, you can wear lip liner first. This will give you opacity, staying power, and hydration!

Overall, I really like this Lip Ice balm for the kind of look that requires a casual, sheer lip color. Also doesn't hurt that it's only P145. Check out the other three available shades!

Have you tried Lip Ice before? What are your favorites? 

Lip Ice is available in Watsons and PCX stores. 

Lip Ice Water Colour Lips Ingredients.jpg
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