Editor's Eye Picks: The new Make Up For Ever Ink Liner and Color Paint

I'm a huge fan of Make Up For Ever because they always have professional makeup artists in mind when they create products. Their colors can be as creative and exciting as they can be wearable, plus the formulas - they wear so well during the day! I always pick up MUFE when I know that I need my face to stay with me for at least a solid eight hours.

Recently, MUFE launched two new eye products: the Aqua XL Ink Liner (P1,400) and Aqua XL Color Paint (P1,495). These are designed to be water-resistant and long-wearing, with lots of fun color options. I've been testing them out for a couple months now and here's what I think!


Liquid eyeliners with felt tips are *usually* tough to work with even with my fairly advanced lining skillz, but that's not the case with MUFE's new Ink Liner. This has a bendy tip that allows me much better control than I could ever hope for! I love that I can easily direct my line with the applicator. In the liquid liner universe, that's already half the battle.


The formula itself is good. It doesn't smudge or smear in me for at least seven hours, and I can wear it for up to nine hours with minimal fading. It fades around the inner corners later on. I'm a bit disappointed, however, that there was any fading at all; one of my HG pencil eyeliners is from MUFE, and that barely moves no matter how long I wear it. 

I have to remember to give the bottle a thorough shake before using it, since the pigments seem to settle on the bottom. There are times when the eyeliner is patchy at first swipe but that's only because the pigment seems to separate from the liquid. So shake it!


There are 11 shades available, two of which I have with me: M-62 Matte Intense Brown, a deep matte brown, and D-60 Diamond Brown, a bronzy brown with fine sparkles. I have enough black eyeliners so I welcome the subtler change. I love using these with neutral and warm eyeshadows, since the brown adds a nice muted line to the entire look. Here's a nice rose gold FOTD that was outlined by m-62!

Wearing the Make Up For Ever Ink Liner in M-62

Wearing the Make Up For Ever Ink Liner in M-62

The Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint (P1,450 for 4.8ml) is a cream eyeshadow that can be used several ways. Depending on which of the 20 shades (yep, 20!) you chose, you can use it as lipstick, eyeliner, blush, or even contour. The reason this is possible is that the cream has this easy to blend texture than can be layered to achieve full opacity. Once it sets, it stays there - pretty much!


I have the shade in L-22 Lustrous Dark Blue with me here and it's an excellent budge and smear-proof eyeliner that stays put for eight hours. The color is gorgeous on my lids, don't you think? I do have to layer it a couple of times though because it was not intended to be your typical eyeliner gel, but it was easy enough to apply with a pencil eyeliner brush. 


Overall, I highly recommend the Make Up For Ever Ink Liner and Color Paint to anybody who likes fun colors (there are so many!) in great long lasting formulas. The Ink Liner is good but pretty expensive for liquid liner - I still prefer the MUFE pencil liner, actually - but the Color Paint is top shelf material. You get so much product for the price, and you can use it so many ways! I think it'd be a nice addition to any pro MUA or makeup enthusiast's kit. What do you think?

By the way, Make Up For Ever now has an online store! Check out makeupforever.com.ph to shop the full line.