The Multiple by NARS in Orgasm

I've trusted NARS cosmetics since I saved up for my first blush from them many years ago. NARS very rarely disappoints; if you read my several reviews on the brand, you'll notice that they've always been generally positive. That's why I had high expectations from The Multiple by NARS in Orgasm (P2,250 from BeautyMNL). It's NARS. It's hard to go wrong, right?

Here's the deal: it's my first time to try the classic Multiple stick and I'm sadly disappointed. The color is fantastic, after all, Orgasm is THE ultimate golden peachy pink, well loved by women all over the world. I actually got the Super Orgasm (same, just a tad pinker) in powder blush form waaaaay back and finished that compact! The blush stayed on forever and my skin looked as if it were glowing from within. We've had great times, the Super Orgasm and I. 

The Multiple stick is a different story though. This supposedly all-around cream product is recommended to be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. It's great on paper but the texture is too creamy to stick and set, and the color pay off is frustratingly sheer. It takes about three layers to get any sort of pink on the cheeks! On the eyes, you'll need a primer to get it to stay on. On the lips, it looks like you plooped shimmer all over it. Forget about color - all you'll get is the shimmer.

I don't want to hate on the Multiple Stick in Orgasm too much because it IS still a beautiful color. When I place it high on my cheeks, near the cheekbones, it delivers such a beautiful pink highlight on my skin. It's like I'm naturally glowing! I would still use it for quick no-makeu-makeup looks because it's real pretty. It's not a complete waste. But if you want to try the Orgasm color, it's best to get the powder blush instead of the stick to save yourself the frustration.

NARS Orgasm 2.jpg

If you still love the idea of the Multiple stick though, NARS makes a considerably more reliable version called the Matte Multiples (click on my link to see the swatches). These babies are impressively solid and leave a serious stain. They can definitely be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips! (Depending on the shade).

Come to think of it, perhaps the NARS The Multiple in Orgasm shouldn't be treated as a face color; it's really more of a highlighter like Benefit's Watts Up! or Girl Meets Pearl. What do you think?