My mini parfumerie

I was such in a mad rush yesterday that I forgot to wear perfume. I panicked a little. My outfit doesn't feel complete without a nice matching scent! Yes I know, very shallow and all that, but scents help me define the right mood and attitude that I need for the day.

That said, just a couple of years ago I really didn't really care for perfumes. But after trying out so many I realized that each scent is special and embodies a certain personality. Like fine wine or cheese, a good perfume can make your life a little richer. Anyway, here's my personal collection! I give away perfumes to friends and family but these are the ones I dearly hold on to.

Here's a quick list of the reviews in case you're interested! Haven't reviewed everything here unfortunately but in case you're curious just ask me. ;)

DKNY: DKNY Be Delicious | DKNY Delicious Candy Apples: Sweet Caramel | Pure DKNY: Verbena in a bottle |DKNY Golden Delicious |  DKNY Women is New York in a bottle (love DKNY! It's my favorite perfume brand)

Guerlain:  Guerlain Idylle | Guerlain Shalimar: Iconic, sexy, and unforgettable |  Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca

Charriol Show-Off Eau de Toilette |  Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum Spray | Ralph Lauren Big Pony Purple for Women |  Eau de Prep Tommy Girl: Clean preppy fun

And these, ladies and gentlemen, are my favorites. I try to rotate my fragrances but I consider these six as the closest to my heart. It's like fragments of my personality are in pretty bottles! Now that's a thought! 

The Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia is a sensual, husky scent that I find sexy and sophisticated. The Ralph Lauren Big Pony is very exuberant and energetic. The Guerlain Acqua Allegoria is fresh, green, reminiscent of the quiet countryside. Guerlain Shalimar, of course, is a classic. It represents the person I ultimately want to be as I grow older and wiser - powerful, mysterious, alluring.

I also have the DKNY Be Delicious which is super bubbly, radiant, and happy. It's a cute scent but not too young. On the other hand, the Nina Ricci L'Elixir is a dressy feminine scent that's quite sweet. 

Take all those adjectives together and you have a Liz. :P

Here I have some perfumes that I have yet to review, so watch out for them! :)

How about you - which scents are your ultimate favorites?