Musings on vanity and the new Charriol Show-Off Eau de Toilette

What's the last thing you wear before you leave the house? Mine is perfume. For me, how I smell like seals my whole look. I spend a lot of time on doing my makeup, choosing my outfit, picking the right accessories and shoes - but that is just visual flavor. My perfume is the smell of the person I want to be when I walk out that door. Preppy? Flirty? Serious? Sultry? It's all in a bottle. 

I know I am sounding incredibly vain right now (Project Vanity, get it? Lol.) but I find the process of choosing and putting on what I want to wear more fulfilling than the actual result itself. Some people get a kick from cars. Others, gadgets. I like mixing, matching, and painting on a personality.

You could say, in a sense, that I'm a show-off. I'm not an attention whore but I like being noticed. Don't we all? That's what all this fuss is about, isn't it, to get noticed by the right people at the right time. We are all of us hawking our skills and talents to the highest bidder, and if we want to get ahead, we have to know how best to package ourselves.

Anyway! That monologue turned out longer than I planned! I want to talk about the new Charriol Show-Off Eau de Toilette perfume. It's a beautiful scent, starting out with fruity notes (blackcurrant and peach velvet), softening to a floral symphony (violet absolute and rose petals), and finally simmering down to a lovely musky wood (amber and cedar).

It's not a loud scent, contrary to the name. It's very soft and feminine, something you can wear both for day and night with your tailored suits and cocktail dresses.

The bottle itself is quite the class act, with Charriol's signature raised cable motif embracing the amethyst glass. It glints nicely on the dresser, plus the 30ml is compact and sturdy-looking enough to be carried in your handbag.

Overall, Charriol Show-Off Eau de Toilette is a prettifying scent that suits women who love glamour - the implicit, subtle kind, a fabulousness that's never vulgar. :) Love it!

The Charriol Show-Off Eau de Toilette can be found in Rustan's and is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles.

30 ml – P2,950

100 ml – P5,250