New fave: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Purple for Women

How do you like your scents? I love perfumes that are feminine but not overly twee, girly but grown up and sophisticated. That means sweet floral or fruity notes toned down by a touch of wood or musk. If we have the same taste, then you'll love the recently launched Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance for Women!

There are four variants: Big Pony RL Blue (fresh, invigorating mix of sparkling grapefruit and cool blue lotus), RL Pink (cranberry and tonka mousse to create a sensual, fruity scent), Yellow (infused with the natural radiance of pear notes and mimosa for a dazzling floral scent), and Purple, which is the one I have.

Big Pony Purple is the perfect scent for me. It's a blend of wild cherries and amber as top notes, with an oriental, spicy base - just the way I like it! It is sweet all the way through, with the spiciness just playing a little tune in the background. 

The bottle itself looks gorgeous. The purple color cheers me up whenever I see it, so I'll definitely keep the bottle even after I run out of the perfume.

So yes, I love the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Purple for Women and would highly recommend it to any woman who loves sweet, grown-up (but not too mature) perfumes. I use it everytime I go out - day or night, I think it's versatile enough to match whatever outfit you can throw at it. <3