DKNY Women is New York in a bottle

I want to go to New York someday. I want to experience the beauty and energy of the most fast-paced city in the world. It's a city so familiar to me because I've read many stories set in it - I feel like I've already been there, at least in my head! But until I've actually set foot in it, I'd take Donna Karan's word that one of her newest scents, DKNY Women, is New York in a bottle.

Packaging. Like New York, DKNY Women is built like a skyscraper - tall, elegant, all glinting edges. It comes in a silver box that fits the perfume bottle's contours, looking modern and forward just like the scent. The bottle is a bit inconvenient to travel with, but it does look nice on the dresser, dwarfing all the other normally bottled scents.

Scent. DKNY Women is a fun and energetic scent that's underscored by a touch of romance. I'd say it's perfect for the modern, no-nonsense woman that's focused on her career. However, underneath all that focused energy is a sensual personality that comes out once her heels are off and she's relaxing with a cocktail or her favorite book.

The top notes are a refreshing combination of citruses, chilled vodka and tomato leaves; the heart is a wet blend of water lilies, green coral orchids and yellow daffodils. The finish is a woodsy mix of white birch and tulip tree wool. For me, the citrus - floral - wood formula never fails, and I like this particular scent because it's like a quick shot of espresso with the citrus, mellowed down by the floral accord, then finished off with a heady wooden haze. It sets the perfect mood especially when I'm off to the office.

Recommendations. I'm not kidding when I say that DKNY Women is energizing - it's a sharp scent that can go straight to your head. That's not to say that it's strong; the top notes are quite pleasant together and soften up quickly. Get this scent if you're the sort of person who's always on-the-go, who has an exuberant personality nonetheless tempered by a professional distance.

It's quite an intriguing scent. It's not something I would normally go for since I looove sweet floral scents like the DKNY Be Delicious - it's my all-time favorite perfume. However, like I said above, it's perfect for the office since it's modern, not too seductive (a no-no in the office setting), and smells of competence and success. Just like New York!

Pricing. Available in all Rustan’s Department Stores, the following retails for:

DKNY Women EDP 100ml - Php 4,000

DKNY Women EDT 100ml - Php 3,200

DKNY Women EDT 50ml - Php 2,400

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