DKNY Delicious Candy Apples: Sweet Caramel

IMG_9701 by project_vanity.

It's finally here! The DKNY Delicious Candy Apples collection is distinguished by its saccharine, but not cloying, scent. Sweet Caramel is a light fragrance that combines juicy fruit (apple and pear), fresh floral (jasmine pertals, muguet, and violet leaves), and tantalizingly sweet notes (caramel, vanilla, and marshmallows). If I can eat a smell, I would definitely eat this one!

IMG_9705 by project_vanity.

The cute bottle is designed to look like a candied apple. The top screws out smoothly from the perfume in one twist, so you don't have to worry your pretty head about getting it stuck or, god forbid, dropping the bottle in a fit of eager twisting.


The other available Candy Apple version in the Philippines is Ripe Raspberry. It is described as a raspberry scent with hints of lime and notes of peonies and sweet lillies, belied by a pleasantly surprising cola accord. Ok, I'm hungry now! Anyway, here's my humble DKNY collection:

IMG_9711 by project_vanity.

I'm sure you're wondering - what's the difference between Candy Apples and Be Delicious (aside from the packaging)? Candy Apples is essentially a sweet, darling scent while Be Delicious is a bright apple-floral one. If they were dresses, I'd say Candy Apples is a soft, beige chiffon one with ruffles while Be Delicious is a colorful, structured one. You get my drift!

I'd wear Candy Apples on dates and during casual lounging in the afternoon. Be Delicious on the other hand is reserved for work-related meetings and events.

Bottomline, they're both nice! DKNY Candy Apples is available in Rustan's. They come in 50 ml bottles and retail for P3,000.