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A manicure that lasts 3 weeks? Try gel polish!

If you’ve been a long-time reader of Project Vanity, you might still recall when Liz used to do #ManiMondays. As a nail polish fan, I used to look forward to those posts because I didn’t know much about other brands besides local ones like Caronia, Bobbie, and Chic. Nowadays though, it’s rare to see Liz wearing any kind of nail color, and I get it. Manicures take time to do and need to be properly cared for - sporting chipped nail polish is the equivalent of having smudged mascara or eyeliner and not fixing it.

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Three holiday nail art looks I did with Tenten Haute Affair nail polishes

Before I got into makeup and skincare, my first foray into beauty was actually nail polish. I grew up accompanying my mom to her weekly manicure appointments, and one of my first beauty purchases was an iridescent blue-purple polish. These days, I don’t wear polish as much as I’d like because it seems impractical with all the household chores I do, but when Thai brand Tenten sent over their limited edition holiday collection, I just could not resist playing around and giving myself an extra special mani!

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This bride-worthy nail polish line is so pretty, you'd wear it beyond your wedding day

You’ve said “yes” to the dress, blinged out your shoes, scheduled your facials, and decided on whether to book a makeup artist or do your own makeup for the big day. A must-add to your wedding prep list: get your nails did! Aside from being a great way to relax from all the stress of wedding planning (and I KNOW that there are many!), your digits are actually going to be photographed to show off your new bling so you want to make sure that they look every inch as polished as the rest of you!

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The P180 gel nail polish to love: The Solique x Agoo Collection

While I love all kinds of cosmetics, I confess that one item in particular still intimidates me: nail polish. I can wing my liner and draw on a sharp red lip with practiced precision but having to paint on polish reveals my lack of left-hand coordination (odd for a guitarist). Having someone else do it helps, but only so much: I inevitably get into an accident with my still-wet nails and end up either having to redo the whole thing or just giving up. And if my manicure manages to last all the way until the “dry” stage, my lifestyle (which includes handbag-digging, keyboard-smashing, and guitar string-plucking, among other things) means that they often chip and crack within a day, if not - and this is no exaggeration - within a few hours.

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Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover

I got a bottle of the Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover (P59.75/ 59ml) a couple of days ago. I found it a bit steep for a small bottle, but I thought, well why not? I'm a bit bothered by how drying my cheapo Bobbi nail polish remover was, plus the smell practically hurts my nostrils whenever I'm too close.

Anyway, I immediately Googled for more information as soon as I got home and found that this Cutex remover is a highly rated product at Makeupalley with a 4.1/5 score. Well, that's a surprise!

It removes nail polish quickly enough in just two to three wipes. It's also not as drying as the other nail polish removers I've tried (Bobbi and Caronia - skip the latter, it's horrid!), leaving my nails feeling a bit healthier and stronger. It must be the moisturizers infused in the formula.

Like other acetone-based nail polishes though, it has a noxious smell.

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Orly nail polish in Gilded Coral

Ok, so I finally gave in! Curiosity got the better of me, really. I wanted to know if expensive nail polishes like Orly are indeed worlds apart from the P30 ones available in any drugstore. And? 

The Orly nail polish in Gilded Coral (P349) is a gorgeous shade that looks like a peachy pink champagne on my nails. It's very wearable and can go with most looks you can think of. You can scour any drugstore but I can tell you right now that you won't find a cheap dupe of this locally! Gilded Coral is part of Orly's spring collection called Precious.

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