Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover

I got a bottle of the Cutex Caring Nail Polish Remover (P59.75/ 59ml) a couple of days ago. I found it a bit steep for a small bottle, but I thought, well why not? I'm a bit bothered by how drying my cheapo Bobbi nail polish remover was, plus the smell practically hurts my nostrils whenever I'm too close.

Anyway, I immediately Googled for more information as soon as I got home and found that this Cutex remover is a highly rated product at Makeupalley with a 4.1/5 score. Well, that's a surprise!

It removes nail polish quickly enough in just two to three wipes. It's also not as drying as the other nail polish removers I've tried (Bobbi and Caronia - skip the latter, it's horrid!), leaving my nails feeling a bit healthier and stronger. It must be the moisturizers infused in the formula.

Like other acetone-based nail polishes though, it has a noxious smell. It's just slightly toned down with a hint of citrus (I think) and doesn't stick to your clothes and nose after use.

Overall, a nice nail polish remover that does the job quickly and with minimal damage to the nails and skin. Will I buy again? Hm, I don't know yet. I also want to try the Sally Hansen nail polish removers next.

What's your favorite nail polish remover? What's the best you've tried?