Get glowing nails this summer with Girlstuff and Solique!

Nail polish is one of those beauty items that can instantly brighten a girl’s mood. Whether in trendy or classic colors, a good quality polish should always help keep your nails healthy and in tip-top shape. Thankfully we have the 5-FREE! local nail polish brand, Girlstuff. The brand assures us that our nails will not be coated in Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor – chemicals that can damage and ruin our nails. If you’re a fan of long-wearing gel polish, Girlstuff also has a nail-friendly solution in their Solique Gel Polish line.

So what makes Solique different from other gel brands? It has all the benefits of a long-wearing, high shine gel polish sans the UV lamp requirement. It cures in natural light. Solique is also easily removed with regular nail polish remover.

While taking care of our nails with their gentle formula, Girlstuff makes sure to stay on top of trends. They recently launched their Rave Neon Summer Collection at the Revel Bar in the Fort.

Girlstuff unveiled four new neon shades under their regular Nail Lacquer line, just in time for our hot summer getaways. Lounge (neon green), Breakbeat (neon orange), Techno (neon pink), and Chill (neon blue). We were able to try them out at the event, and they applied easily and didn’t chip for days.

Left to right:  Lounge (neon green), Techno (neon pink), Chill (neon blue), Breakbeat (neon orange)

Left to right:  Lounge (neon green), Techno (neon pink), Chill (neon blue), Breakbeat (neon orange)

The coolest product at the launch though was the Solique Gel Top Coat called UV Glow. It literally made our nails glow under the black light! This is due to the “photo-initiator” and “fluorescent brightener” included in the top coat. It also reacts under the sun which makes it a great accessory for some poolside or beachside lounging.

While the Solique UV Glow is best applied over the Solique Gel Polish line, you can use it with any polish you want. It can even be applied over clean, bare nails for that natural look.

We did test out our polished nails under the sun and saw a subtle change in color. UV-Glow also intensified the shine, as if the polish was being coated with additional glaze.

Have you tried Girlstuff Nail Lacquers or the Solique Gel Polish? Would you try the UV-Glow? Let us know what your summer nails look like!