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What my mom's purse taught me about self-care

It seems like one of the marks of motherhood is to carry around a large bag anywhere and everywhere you go. This bag is very different from the kind a tita carries because it contains all the things a parent needs to stay sane while out with her kids. For as long as I can remember, my mom carried such a bag. Even today, she prides herself for being a Girl Scout who is "laging handa" with a treasure trove of hygiene basics, kikay kits, and multi-tools tucked into her giant purse. Honestly, I hated digging through her purse when she'd ask me to find something because there was just SO MUCH STUFF but it also gave me my first ever lessons in self-care. 

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Say no to eye bags and yes to leather bags with the S.O.S. x KeepCup Holiday Promo

Here at Project Vanity, we love our bags with our outfits - not under our eyes! This tutorial, together with a mix of our daily faves, saves us from carrying all that unwanted baggage. As for the bags that we DO want though, we're all about roomy, sturdy and stylish designs that can add that extra oomph to our OOTDs. This time, we’ve turned our gaze to The School of Satchel brand of quality leather bags for our holiday arm candy.

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The bag fever

I have a nasty case of bag fever at the moment. I don't need a new bag, I just want something new and luxe to hold. Someone has to talk me out of it but in the meantime please indulge me. I checked out all the stores within my budget and found two drool-worthy bags!

I saw this at Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel yesterday. It was love at first sight - I'm not kidding! I love the deep forest green color, the elegant combination of suede and leather, and of course, the shape. I have a thing for satchels because they're structured, poised, ready for anything. This one is just the right size for me, too, since it's not too large but it's still roomy enough for housing my usual stuff.

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Jewelled Bags: Handcrafted, heavily embellished bags that are proudly Pinoy made

Working for Filipino retailers has made me appreciate the hard work and talent that goes into each garment, shoe, bag, or accessory. It's really different when it's Pinoy made. Lacking heavy machinery that mass-producing countries like China have, our workers have resorted to more or less creating things by hand.

At least, when it comes to homegrown, small brands. It's the same for locally produced cosmetics brands like Leyende and Venus & Mars.

Anyway, I was surfing blogs a couple of weeks back when I first read about Jewelled Bags. It's a Pinoy brand that makes these beautiful bags that are heavy with beads, semi-precious gems, glass, and other appliques. They also come in indigenous fabrics and luxe skins like snake and leather. 

Each bag is elaborate and obviously carefully made. From what I understand, there is only a limited number made for each style, so you're assured that what you have is more or less unique.

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Nine West Turn The Corner Satchel

For someone who used to buy only a total of one bag a year, this is a huge development! I think this is the fourth bag I bought with my money this year. I consider this as an early Christmas gift to myself - there's nothing better, is there? 

Anyway! Before I babble on, I just want to share what I got from Nine West in High Street yesterday. I was alternating between the Turn The Corner Tote and this black, multi-textured bag, but I ended up getting this one since it's younger and more casual. The color scheme can take it from day to night plus it was the perfect size, too.

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Be inspired by these local fashion brands

The quick rise of Internet use in the past three years gave ambitious and style-savvy individuals a great opportunity to  make a dream come true. With the Internet, they can easily let the world know that they have something special to offer - be it their unique fashion sense, beauty finds, or products that they designed and had made locally. For the latter, there are three brands that I really admire: Anthology, Frannie & Vinnie, and Gold Dot.


This brand is best known for offering real leather shoes that are comfortable and versatile - in short, the cool, laid-back chick's absolute must-have. They have a new collection which I just saw on Twitter this morning. It's a collaboration with Team Manila featuring canvas flats with graphic prints. I find the collection a fresher, less trying-hard take on "fashionalism".

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Guilty pleasures

I love dainty containers, boxes, and paper bags. I used to collect paper bags from the stores I shopped in, then eventually from the brands who sent me their wares, but I had to throw them out since space is precious. I would keep special boxes though (like from Pond's - they pack stuff in the best, beribboned boxes!) and some paper bags that I know I won't easily come across. I also keep some pretty boxes that come with makeup.

Small pouches and containers are also a secret addiction. I have quite a lot lying around in the condo because I just can't bear to throw them away! What if I need them someday? I do use them someday, eventually. Other people would call it recycling but I'd call it hoarding.

Anyway, I'd like to show you one of my favorite containers. This one is pretty special to me because I bought it in Boracay. I haven't seen it around in Manila so maybe it's not one of those mass-produced things. In any case the shell is real and not plastic, making me feel like it would bear pearls whenever I hold it. Oh day dreams.

I thought it would be a nice accessory keeper so I stuffed all my Avon accessories from their summer collection (launched last March).

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Rustan's haul: LuLu bag and Substance shoes

IMG_0650 by project_vanity.

After a meeting yesterday I visited Rustan's Makati to check out the makeup. I love Rustan's makeup - they've got the best! Literally. I wanted to get the NARS Laguna bronzer, then the Laura Mercier Spring palette (which is so gorgeous and pigmented by the way - definitely worth the P2,450 price tag), but then I changed my mind the last minute after realizing that I have too much makeup as it is. I thought to get shoes and a bag, for a change.

IMG_0656 by project_vanity.

I trawled Rustan's for half an hour before I spotted the perfect bag for me! I've always been intimidated by LuLu, a brand based in New York, because I thought that the bags are too expensive. Much to my surprise, they're actually affordable! This tote bag is just the right size, done in the softest of leather with edgy chain accents. This would go perfectly with all my outfits.

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