Rustan's haul: LuLu bag and Substance shoes

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After a meeting yesterday I visited Rustan's Makati to check out the makeup. I love Rustan's makeup - they've got the best! Literally. I wanted to get the NARS Laguna bronzer, then the Laura Mercier Spring palette (which is so gorgeous and pigmented by the way - definitely worth the P2,450 price tag), but then I changed my mind the last minute after realizing that I have too much makeup as it is. I thought to get shoes and a bag, for a change.

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I trawled Rustan's for half an hour before I spotted the perfect bag for me! I've always been intimidated by LuLu, a brand based in New York, because I thought that the bags are too expensive. Much to my surprise, they're actually affordable! This tote bag is just the right size, done in the softest of leather with edgy chain accents. This would go perfectly with all my outfits.

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It's the little details!

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Hearts everywhere. I paid only P1,630 so yay. That's a great price for a bag that I will use everyday no? Next stop, shoes!
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Substance is a Singaporean brand that can only be found in Rustan's. They only bring in one stock per size so you know that what you have is exclusive! I wanted to get heels but settled for more practical - but still stylish - wedge pumps. This pair cost me P1,699.
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I love roses. You think?

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Call it juvenile but I've never outgrown my love for pink and black together. So cute! I am loving my new purchases and I can't wait to wear them out.
Hope you have a great weekend, kids.