Be inspired by these local fashion brands

The quick rise of Internet use in the past three years gave ambitious and style-savvy individuals a great opportunity to  make a dream come true. With the Internet, they can easily let the world know that they have something special to offer - be it their unique fashion sense, beauty finds, or products that they designed and had made locally. For the latter, there are three brands that I really admire: Anthology, Frannie & Vinnie, and Gold Dot.


This brand is best known for offering real leather shoes that are comfortable and versatile - in short, the cool, laid-back chick's absolute must-have. They have a new collection which I just saw on Twitter this morning. It's a collaboration with Team Manila featuring canvas flats with graphic prints. I find the collection a fresher, less trying-hard take on "fashionalism".

Frannie & Vinnie

Frances is OK! Magazine's Editor-in-chief. I love her honest-to-goodness blog and have been following her for years! I've had the pleasure of meeting her a few times, and in those instances, I have gotten to admire her vivacious personality and elegant style. Aside from being a mother, successful blogger and magazine editor, she has now added businesswoman to her roster of accomplishments.

Gold Dot

I've been following Gold Dot shoes ever since the brand started out with a pair of traditional clogs. I love her collections and I've even bought a pair before (the Bestie Clogs). Now, Ally Duazo has become a designer in her own right. Celebrities have approached her to make shoes for them and her collections have become more daring and adventurous. Here's her new collection, inspired by some of the best local fashion bloggers: Lloyda, Karl, Kookie, and Mike

With the Internet, everything is possible. That sounds cliche, but cliches have a way of being true. ;) I hope these people and their brands inspire you to start your own business someday!