Nine West Turn The Corner Satchel

For someone who used to buy only a total of one bag a year, this is a huge development! I think this is the fourth bag I bought with my money this year. I consider this as an early Christmas gift to myself - there's nothing better, is there? 

Anyway! Before I babble on, I just want to share what I got from Nine West in High Street yesterday. I was alternating between the Turn The Corner Satchel and this black, multi-textured bag, but I ended up getting this one since it's younger and more casual. The color scheme can take it from day to night plus it was the perfect size, too.

I like the boxy shape and animal print lining. The boxy shape because it means my stuff won't end up in a jumble in all corners, and the animal print because it's fun and I can see my stuff even with poor lighting. Oh, it also has a body strap which makes it more convenient when I'm carrying lots of junk.

I love it! This'll hold me up until I'm ready to buy a designer bag. I'll post an outfit soon. :D