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Nine West Turn The Corner Satchel

For someone who used to buy only a total of one bag a year, this is a huge development! I think this is the fourth bag I bought with my money this year. I consider this as an early Christmas gift to myself - there's nothing better, is there? 

Anyway! Before I babble on, I just want to share what I got from Nine West in High Street yesterday. I was alternating between the Turn The Corner Tote and this black, multi-textured bag, but I ended up getting this one since it's younger and more casual. The color scheme can take it from day to night plus it was the perfect size, too.

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A closer look at Avon's Manzzini bags

Avon makes interesting bags, but the Manzzini Collection is way past interesting. It's gorgeous! So wait, why is the collection called Manzzini? "The name Manzzini was derived from Via Mazzini, a fashion street in Italy reflecting the designs of the collection. This bag line takes inspiration from a Manzzini woman who travels around the world - as she eats, shops and loves," says Avon.

They're more expensive since they're a special collection, but I do believe the price is worth it. I like that the bags have a sort of detachable organizer inside for your stuff (at least, the black one does, I haven't used the cream yet) and that they're very of-the-moment. The material used doesn't feel cheap at all too!

Here are a few photos of the bags in actual.

Manzzini Tote with Mini Purse

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