Staff Picks: Our Tita purse must-haves

Believe it or not, we PV girls comfortably wear the mantle (pashmina?) of the The Real Titas of Manila. Head Tita Liz is soundly asleep by 9pm, and our team meetups usually involve lunching at Mary Grace. Instead of late night walwal parties, we sip sangria with extended pinky fingers or have Korean BBQ night at my house. 

Like any self-respecting Tita, our purses contain a lot more than just makeup. Being a Tita means you've got you sh*t together, so you're never left in a bind. We all have different priorities though, so here's our different takes on what should be in a Tita survival kit!

Tita Liz: I do like keeping my purse light, but there are extra long days that require more baggage. I like to bring wet wipes and bandages from Watsons; the latter is for my feet, since some of my shoes chafe a bit. These bandages stick even when you wash your feet na! I also like to have gum and roll-on perfume (this one is Aerin's Tangier Vanille) to keep myself smelling fresh. 

For first aid, I always have some Advil for headaches and my allergy medication. I also keep Rohto Z eye drops when my eyes feel dry and tired. I got this from Tokyo - look, it's very very weird on the eyes since it's super minty and sometimes you don't know if your eyes are burning or being refreshed, but it works in a good way!

Last but not the least, I like to bring a fountain pen with me. Life is too short to be using ugly pens.


Tita Den: As a germophobe, I always have tissue and hand sanitizer in my purse. I like that the all-natural sanitizer from Human Nature could easily double as a scent because it smells so good. My compulsive handwashing habit also dries out my hands so a hand cream has become an absolute necessity to keep ugly cuticles and hangnails at bay. Finally, I've always made sure to bring a stash of meds ever since I was in grade school! It has antihistamine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and antacid because I'd hate to have to look for medicine when I'm already feeling sick. I only take them when absolutely needed though.

Tita Gett: In my bag, I always have wet wipes, a portable mini fan, and alcohol. Being a Tita for me means being ready for anything. The wet wipes are always handy for anything - from wiping off dirt, removing makeup, to emergency bathroom breaks. The alcohol is handy for easy clean-up while the portable fan is the upgraded version of the pamaypay because I'm tamad but still like to keep cool.

photo (1).jpg

Tita Kim: As someone who's prone to headaches, I always bring White Flower around. I think I finish a small bottle every 2 to 3 months! An officemate also recently gifted me a lavender essential oil from Ever Bilena, and I like to alternate with White Flower some days.

Tita Claire: For me, being a certified Tita means going for comfort, practicality, personal style, and thrift - unapologetically disregarding trends and what other people think. I am never without my White Flower. My favorite (and very cheap) Malunggay Oil bottle works wonders for my frizzy hair, dry hands, and parched cuticles. I also always have a pack of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges (stored in their limited edition tin can, of course). My signature #titamove is keeping all the extra napkins from cafes and restaurants (unused, of course!) for oil blotting and bathroom breaks.


Tita Charlie: I always have a pack of wipes and foldable eco bag with me, no matter how big or small my bag is. They make me feel so Tita, but I need them! The wipes, for one, in times of clumsiness and I get stuff all over my shirt or I want to take off my makeup. And the ecobag, for when I go on sudden grocery trips.

Tita Sam: I bring a literal roll of masking tape around for fixing fashion malfunctions, but it also comes in handy for fixing packaging, taking away pesky hard pans, and sending out love letters (or something).

Tita Tellie: I don't think I'm too much of a Tita. I haven't gotten to the level of appreciating variants of White Flower - that's reserved for the actual designated Titas in our group. The most Tita things I have in my very Tito kikay kit are hand sanitizer, hand cream, stain remover and breath mints!

Marielle: Not yet a Tita because I'm usually the one who forgets things, instead of being "laging handa". Huhu.

Do you keep a Tita kit in your purse? What are your staples? Which PV Tita do you most relate to?