Battle of the Velvet Tints: 3CE Velvet Tint vs Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Tint

Hi, I’m Gett and I easily fall into the trap of hype marketing, minimal packaging, and soft matte lip products. Even with my day job as an ahensya slave and my daily exposure to different marketing tactics, I am only but a human with measly wants and needs. These days, I need a lippie that feels comfortable but still looks matte. I’m at this point in my life where I’d rather reapply lipstick than have to wear a drying formula that stays put all day long.

Because I am weak, I get easily influenced by fellow PV girls (looking at you, Tellie and Sam!), and it was my birthday, so I treated myself to 3CE Velvet Tints. When I tried them on, they reminded me of the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet that was featured in our Peripera Luggage Challenge! So how do these two compare?

The Peripera Ink Airy The Velvet (P450 at Club Clio) gives “natural color payoff with a light-as-air texture, and long-lasting softness for a natural lip color with a lightweight finish for a delicate, goddess look.”

Featuring a soft matte finish, these are available in 10 total shades. I have one shade from each of the two releases so far: #5 Elf Pink Rose from the first, and #6 It Brown Orange from the latest. Elf Pink Rose is a light neutral pink, and It Brown Orange is a light reddish brown orange.

The 3CE Velvet Tints ($17 at 3CE USA) on the other hand has “a sherbet-like texture that melts into lips and leaves a natural tinge with a matte finish. This soft and velvety tint imparts subtle yet rich color payoff reminiscent of flower petals.”

They initially apply like cream lipstick but dry into a soft matte finish. They also have 10 shades available, offering a range of pinks, nudes, and a deep cherry red. I have Going Right (peach) and Daffodil (pinky red). 

The Peripera Airy Velvets apply very smoothly, just as if you’re applying a silicon-based primer to your lips! They level off on the lips and fill in lines so your lips look petal-smooth. The formula feels very soft and creamy, but they’re not moisturizing. Pigmentation is great though, and you don’t need to layer them up for opacity. To sheer them out for a soft K-beauty gradient lip, just apply a bit on the inner part of the lips and use a clean finger to spread the color.

I’m personally not too crazy about the scents of these. Elf Pink Rose has a rose soap-y scent that sticks around for a while even after application, and I just couldn’t stand wearing it for a long period of time. It Brown Orange on the other hand has a more bearable scent that resembled sweet potpourri, but it will eventually fade after application.

The 3CE Velvet Tints apply just as smoothly, but they apply like a lip cream, similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme. The formula also feels soft and whipped, and feels just a touch more moisturizing than the Airy Velvets. I love how they smell like cake frosting, which honestly makes me want to lick it off my lips!

These are also very pigmented, and one thin layer is all you need. It’s also easy to sheer this out or go full-color, depending on how you want to go with it. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a long-lasting lip tint-slash-cream, these are not it. The Airy Velvets and the Velvet Tints will not last until your next meal. They will transfer off, so reapplication is necessary. I find that both leave a light tint of the color after wearing them, but this will depend on the colors that you have.

At the end of a nine-hour work day, the Airy Velvets feel like they suck out all the moisture from my lips. On the other hand, I get a more comfortable wear out of the Velvet Tints. I recommend prepping your lips properly with a lip scrub and a moisturizing lip balm as both these formulations can emphasize dryness and loose bits of skin.

Swatches, from left: 3CE Velvet Tint in #Daffodil and #Going Right, Peripera Airy Velvet in It Brown Orange and Elf Pink Rose

Swatches, from left: 3CE Velvet Tint in #Daffodil and #Going Right, Peripera Airy Velvet in It Brown Orange and Elf Pink Rose

Verdict: Go for which one is most accessible to you! I have a strange affinity for all of Peripera’s lip products (because they’re so freaking adorable!) and I’m so happy to have the Airy Velvets in my collection. If you have the Peripera Ink Velvets, you’ll probably get bored of the first five colors in the Airy Velvet line though. The latest orangey-pinky-brown colors were the ones that really called out to my heart (and wallet).

On the other hand, the 3CE Velvet Tints were also a good buy. The formulation is one of the more comfortable lip creams I’ve tried, but having to ship them internationally was quite a hassle.

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If I had to be nitty-gritty about it, I would go with the 3CE Velvet Tints only because they feels slightly more moisturizing than the Peripera Airy Velvets, and I prefer the scent more. I don’t usually mind scents but I could not stand the scent of the Elf Pink Rose! Because of that factor alone I already favor the 3CE Tints more, hence the inclusion of It Brown Orange. But if you don’t mind the scent and you find a color you like, the Airy Velvets are a great lip find.

Have you tried these lip creams? Which one did you like better? Share your thoughts in the comments below!