Team challenge: Full FOTD using the Peripera Fashion People Carrier

A few months ago, my fellow writers Stacie, Tellie, Crystal, and I ordered the Peripera Fashion People Carrier from an online reseller (a steal at just P690 each!). The adorable luggage-design contains five mini items from the Peripera Ink line plus you can choose to get it in pink or yellow, which you can decorate with an adorable sticker set (New York-themed stickers for yellow, Seoul-themed stickers for pink). These aren't just different color lip tints - there's actually an interesting mix of products within and we soon realized we could probably do an entire face with them. So we decided to try it out!


What’s inside:

  • Vivid Tint Water No. 3 Peach Squeeze
  • Ink the Airy Velvet No. 5 Elf Light Rose
  • Ink Multi Shadowing
  • Peri’s Ink The Velvet No. 2 So Grapefruit
  • Ink Concealer No. 1 Vanilla

The challenge: Use all five items for a full face. We can also use brow products, mascara, eyeliner, base makeup, and powder as we see fit.


Stacie: NC20, dry skin

The Peripera Ink concealer is the lightest shade available, and surprisingly, it works on my very yellow Asian skin. The Ink Multi Shadowing doesn't do any contour or shading on my face though so I tried using it on my neck and collarbone, where it was able to give the most natural-looking shadow. I also tried using it on my eyebrows and messed it up, which is the inner part of my left brow looks weird. I decided to use a brow pencil in the end.

I then used the Vivid Tint Water on my cheeks and it is long-lasting! It survived four hours of Divisoria on a holiday! On my eyes were the Ink the Airy Velvet, which blended well on my upper and lower lids without creasing (take note that as a monolid, I don’t have a crease)! It survived a whole day of work in an air-conditioned environment but it seemed to make my eyes look tired and puffy, as people kept asking me if I cried before coming to duty. Lastly, on my lips were a gradient of the Ink the Airy Velvet on the outside and Ink The Velvet on the inside. This combination looks pretty and feels comfortable but it didn't last through a hearty lunch.

Overall, I like the contents of the luggage sans the multishadow, which I hope can come in a darker shade. The colors are very "pabebe": you can use them to look more innocent or more flirty, which is a plus for me! The Vivid Tint water is also the longest wearing cheek tint I have ever tried so that's my fave pick from this set.

Tellie border.jpg

Tellie: NC20, dry skin

The Ink Concealer was tough to use all over the face. I love how it brightened my coloring though, and while it seemed gray at first it mellowed out to a healthier color. It just didn't sit well on my textured patches from having dry skin. I'd still use it as a highlighting concealer, but only on top of already perfected skin as I don't feel this covers much.

The Ink Multi Shadowing is a picky contour. It barely shows up on my NC20 skin, and would likely only be suitable to NC15 and above. As an eyebrow gel, it kind of made my brows look non-existent. The color is nice but might suit people with full brows more. It actually spreads nicely on brow hairs, but isn't able to paint over skin so I couldn't make my brows look fuller.

The Vivid Tint Water was okay. I used it as a cheek tint and it was easy to blend, but it might not be the best item for the job as I had to use a bit more than I would've liked. The color is a nice, vivid orange-red.

The Ink The Airy Velvet was used on my eyes. The swatch led me to believe it's easy to use and blend, but the pigments settled heavily where I first dotted the product and left my eyes looking patchy. The rest of it blended out smoothly though.

The Ink The Velvet is probably my favorite item. I need just a little bit to have an extremely vivid lip, and the shade So Grapefruit pulls very Snow White on me. I also love the finish – it feels like a silicone-y matte but is way lighter and more comfortable!

Overall, I'd say this experiment was a huge MEH. I'm still excited to use the luggage, but since the items were not meant for a full face anyway, I can understand why my face isn't that exciting. Now, if I were to top off a look that I love with these products... wow! That's something to look forward to.

Crystal: NC20, oily skin

I wanted to challenge myself not only to just use almost nothing else but the luggage, but also to use my fingers for everything but my eyebrows and spot concealing.

I first used the Ink Concealer as an all-over base. Luckily, it was a pretty good match for my skin. It gave me medium coverage but I took longer than I would have liked to blend everything with my fingers. I used a spot concealer brush to apply more on my two zits and it did a decent job on covering it up.

The Ink Multi Shadowing is the most natural-looking contour that I've ever owned. I found it easy to blend it because the color is quite light. I used it on my eyebrows too but it was too light to actually show up. Oh well, I tried!

For my eyeshadow, I used an eyeshadow base first because I was going to apply a lippie to my very oily eyelids. I applied the Ink The Airy Velvet using my fingers to the inner 2/3's of my eye, and then the Ink Multi Shadowing for the outer third. It was too light to show up in photos, but I could see it a bit in person.

I used the Vivid Tint Water for my cheeks. It was very pigmented and I needed very little to achieve a good blush. I just applied it directly on my cheeks and then patted it with my fingers until it set on my skin. For my lips, I used the Ink The Airy Velvet again. I applied it on my lips with the applicator then I slightly blended it with my fingertip so my lips would look a bit less defined. "Airy" is so right on the money because it really does feel like nothing on my lips! I have really oily skin so I needed to use a setting powder on top of everything.

Unfortunately, my eyeshadow creased already after two hours even with an eyeshadow base, but the rest of my makeup held up fairly well after six hours. The most long-wearing one is the Vivid Tint Water, which did not budge at all on my cheeks.

Gett: NC37, oily skin

I decided to play around with the Ink The Airy Velvet and the Ink The Velvet for my eyes as I wanted to challenge myself to wear color on my eyelids. I first used the Ink Concealer as base to intensify the colors, and set it with powder since I have super oily lids. Then I laid the Ink the Airy Velvet as the lid color, and the Ink The Velvet on the outer corners. Then I applied mascara. The result came out as a subtle sunset-y eye look.

I mixed the Ink Multi Shadowing and a bit of the Ink Concealer to conceal around my face since the concealer alone was way too pale for my morena skin. I did like its consistency and how it sits on my skin. I used in the Ink Multi Shadowing as an eyebrow gel upon Tellie and Crystal’s suggestions but it came out too light for my preference so I added in some brow powder to darken my brows. For cheeks, I used the Ink The Airy Velvet again because I wanted to balance out the colors. I also used the Ink The Airy Velvet and the Ink Vivid on my lips.

I applied this look at 10AM, and the eye makeup already creased just two hours later. I had to continually pat it down throughout the day to blend away the creasing that happened until what was left was a very subtle orangey color at the end of the day.

The Ink The Airy Velvet doesn’t last through a meal but it feels very comfortable. It faded after three hours on my cheeks, and just couldn’t stand the Bangkok humidity.

The Ink Multi Shadowing + Ink Concealer combo also couldn’t last through the Bangkok humidity. I saw my zits out three hours after application. The Ink Multi Shadowing as contour can’t work on me because it literally looks like my skin tone, only grayer. I do find it okay as an eyebrow gel, but only used sparingly.

I’ve tried the Vivid Water Tint on a separate occasion and I love it best on my cheeks. Out of all the five, the Ink The Velvet was my favorite. I already love the Celebrity Deep Rose color, and this was a great addition to my growing collection.

I think the other girls and I did a pretty decent job at making the Peripera Fashion People Carrier minis work, considering the limitations! The looks we were able to achieve were somewhat similar, but then again, we only had a couple of colors to work with. The three lip colors, while different in intensity, also look similar in terms of color family.

I was honestly surprised that the Ink Concealer and Ink Multi Shadowing were picky with skin coloring, even on the lighter skin tones of Stacie, Tellie, and Crystal. If you’re NC20 or fairer, you will love using the set to complement the rest of your makeup. The two face products won’t get so much mileage for those morena skin like me, but you will adore the three other lip products in it. The set is perfect for those who want a sampling of the Peripera Ink line.

What do you guys think of the looks we created? Whose look did you like best? Have you tried the Peripera Fashion People Carrier, or any of the products from this kit? 

Header image photographed by Stacie Chan