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Three kikay kits, three life situations: Here are a few of the essentials I can't live without!

As #adulting rears its ugly head, I attend a more diversified set of events. From the casual meetups with friends and low-key backstage work commitments, to the more dressy blog events and formal wedding parties, I put effort into looking good. I’ve noticed that I do very different faces for each of these events, so I tend to edit my kit accordingly. If you find yourself scrambling to do different looks with just a single kit, consider adapting this method of keeping three kinds of kikay kits.

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Staff Picks: Our Tita purse must-haves

Believe it or not, we PV girls comfortably wear the mantle (pashmina?) of the The Real Titas of Manila. Head Tita Liz is soundly asleep by 9pm, and our team meetups usually involve lunching at Mary Grace. Instead of late night walwal parties, we sip sangria with extended pinky fingers or have Korean BBQ night at my house. 

Like any self-respecting Tita, our purses contain a lot more than just makeup. Being a Tita means you've got you sh*t together, so you're never left in a bind. We all have different priorities though, so here's our different takes on what should be in a Tita survival kit!

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Staff Picks: What's in our five-product kit?

When we did a feature on the PV staff's kikay kits last year, I was honestly shocked by how much stuff I lug around. Having a lot of options (and being ready to do a face at a moment's notice) feels reassuring but if you carry so much in your purse on the daily, the unnecessary weight can give you some serious back pain!

So we decided to do an edit and challenge ourselves: what are the products that we absolutely must have in our kits at all times?

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Staff Picks: How much does our daily look cost?

You've seen our #shelfies, compared notes with our beauty budgets, and even rummaged through our kikay kits! This time, the PV girls took on a different kind of challenge: putting a price tag on our daily faces. While each one of us are probably guilty of owning a makeup horde, the fact is: we often still end up using the same things everyday! So we decided to add up the prices of our makeup staples to find out how much our daily looks actually cost. How about yours?

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