What to include in a commuter-friendly makeup kit

Commuting in Metro Manila is the absolute worst! You get up early to polish your #FOTD, but by the time you reach your destination you already look like a mess. Given the awful situation we experience in the metropolis, building a commute-ready makeup kit is a must. It’s also the solution to unexpected meetings, “OMG I can’t believe this is happening to me right now” moments, and converting your office day look into a party-all-night look. Here's what you'll need:

Pressed powder. A must-have in your kit for looking polished and professional throughout your 8-hour work day. Aside from keeping you matte, it helps your makeup last longer. Just make sure to sop up any oiliness with clean tissue or oil control films before dusting on some powder to avoid caking. We like the Maybelline Superfresh Powder and the L'Oreal Mat Magique.

Lip and cheek color. Using a multi-functional product saves time and space in your kit. We love opaque liquid mousses that give our lips the color and staying power we need, while also being perfect on your cheeks. Try the Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Mousse!

Eyebrow makeup. Your eyeshadow palette should be more than sufficient to glam up your eyebrows, but can also opt for eyebrow pencils - try Tony Moly's Lovely Eye Brow Pencil if you want a built-in spoolie or the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect for a pencil-brow mascara combo.

Eyeliner. Keep one in dark brown and another in black. Brown liners have a softer look that suit daytime makeup, and you can layer on a more dramatic black liner for after work meet-ups or formal evening events. 

Travel makeup brushes. If your makeup doesn’t include applicators, you should definitely consider investing in a good set of travel brushes. It will up your makeup retouching moves! It doesn't have to cost much; you can get individual brushes depending on what you need or buy one that includes the basics. Try finding ones that could fit in almost any bag.

An eyeshadow palette. Whether you prefer Urban Decay’s Naked BasicsMaybelline’s The Nudes, or Sleek’s i-Divine, having an eyeshadow palette in your makeup kit is a total must. I strongly recommend getting one that’s versatile enough to create both day and night looks, yet slim and compact enough to fit into your makeup bag. 

Perfume. A few spritzes of your favorite should be enough the whole day, but if you're constantly exposed to heat and pollution, the scent breaks down and evaporates faster. Tote the bottle along or transfer a small amount into a travel-sized atomizer to keep you smelling fresh.  You can also try asking for samples of your favorite perfume when you purchase a bottle, and stash the tiny vials into your kit.

Floss. Many prefer toothbrush, but I feel uncomfortable brushing my teeth in a public bathroom. So if you’re like me, you can use mouthwash and some floss. Personal hygiene is more important than good makeup, am I right or am I right? 

Stain remover stick. Although this is not a makeup product, it’s still something we'd recommend for girls to bring everywhere you go. You’ll never know when food spills or period stains will strike, so better safe than sorry! 

You should also keep your kit stocked with other staples like safety pins, bandages, elastics, blotting paper, bobby pins, and medicine. And if you want travel-sized options for your beauty must-haves, check out this post on how to score some cute minis!