Ask Liz: Having a beauty start-up, acid peels, red eyeshadow, and freelancing tips

New video! In which I discuss how it's been like so far having my own business, how it's like to be a beauty blogger, er, person (because Project Vanity is technically not a blog anymore), how it looks like to have my skin fall off, how I wear red eyeshadow, and a bunch of other interesting things (naturally haha). 

I wish I could answer all the questions in the Ask Liz Video thread, but worry not for I will get to them soon! I think some are more suited as blog posts especially products recos, and some must be on video like look demos. 

In the meantime, please keep on sending over your questions! And please please PLEASE subscribe to the Project Vanity YouTube Channel. I need at least 100 subscribers before we can customize the name of the channel huhu. If you enjoyed our videos so far, please do hit the subscribe button, it would be much appreciated!

Would love to know what you think, as always. Do you think this new format works?

PS The best Ask Liz question in the next video will win a prize, again. Congratulations to Carla! Please email me your full name, shipping address, and mobile number.