Six excellent makeup brushes under P500

When we start our makeup journey, we tend to experiment with affordable items first before eventually exploring higher price ranges. Take brushes, for instance. They are the most basic of beauty tools, and the premium ones can go for as much as P5,000 each. While some makeup artists swear by the luxurious stuff, there are certainly budget-friendly options out there for beginners and advanced users alike. There are options under the P500 mark that get the job done and feel like a million bucks on your skin.

Beauty Cosmetics Brushes (most brushes are under P300, available in Podium)

Beauty Cosmetics makes pretty good MAC dupes in particular, but if we have to pick just one we highly recommend the Multi-Task Brush. It's only P250 and does the job of four different brushes! It can apply foundation (both liquid and powder), contour, blush, and finishing powder. Full review here.

Suesh Travel Brush Set (P295-380 in

You get not just one, but five brushes in a pretty n' compact case. These are great for applying or retouching your makeup on the go! They don't take a lot of space in your bag too. Full review here.

Image via ELF Cosmetics

Image via ELF Cosmetics

ELF Eye Shadow Brush (P150 in Watsons) 

Ideal for blending or contouring, ELF’s eye shadow brush has just the right length and width of hair that can achieve either purpose with ease. By the way, it also blends colors together just fine and works great with cream shadows.

Landmark Department Store Artist Studio Brush (less than P200 in Landmark)

Every beauty gal should know about the open secret that is the Landmark brush section! Landmark has quite a collection of brushes, but this fluffy powder brush is one of the most sulit. This brush can do so much: use it to apply face powder, blush, highlighter…it’s fluffy and wide, but not too much that you can’t use it for anything other than face powder.

Image via Beauty and Minerals

Image via Beauty and Minerals

Charm Essentials Vegan Blush/Contour Brush (P318)

An angled contour brush is great for getting at angles on the hollows of your cheekbones. They're the perfect tools for getting that chiseled look with the least amount of effort.

Image via Essence

Image via Essence

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush (P139)

The sturdy plastic handle survives washes better than wood, so this brush will last a long time in your collection. The synthetic hairs have that semi-firm quality that allows for precision application without feeling too stiff or scrape-y. Then there’s the angled tip that makes for easier winged eyeliner application.

What's your favorite cheapo makeup brush? Got any to contribute to our list?