The Weekly Haul: A box from Althea Korea

Korea is one of the countries I want to visit in the near feature. I can only imagine the beauty stores in Seoul overflowing with tons of new products we haven't even heard about here. While that's in the works though, I'm happy that there's a new e-commerce player in our region called Althea. It's a Korean start-up that has expanded to cater to countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and now finally, the Philippines.

The PH website will officially launch next month but for now allow me to show you the kind of stuff we can expect from Althea!

The box they sent me just the other day has the Angel Factory Under-Arm Perfume Whitening Pads, B&Soap Mamie Blue mask,  B&Soap Shampoo Bars, Black Kill Pore Cleaner, and Piolang 24k Gold Wrapping Mask. These came in straight from Korea! I love the strange selection; the under arm pads, the pore cleaner, and the gold mask are new to me.

The 24k Gold Wrapping Mask is...golden and shimmery. On the face, it'll look like you're wearing a mask made out of gold. The Black Kill Pore Cleaner has a fine silicone brush that distributes a liquid that's supposed to unplug those pores. I've yet to figure out exactly how it works though; will let you know when I do haha.

I'll talk more about Althea once I get my order at the Philippine website. Lucky I was chosen to be a beta tester so I can tell you more about it as soon as it launches.

Ahhh, so many products, so little time to play! At least the weekend is upon us. ^_^ So - you know the drill! What did you haul up this week? Anything interesting?