Browzinga! The Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect gets you your dream arches

Honestly, there are way too many eyebrow products out there. It's so tough to decide especially when you only have a limited budget and don't have time to go to stores just to swatch up a storm. But have no fear, for Ate Liz is here! I've found a new product that should simplify and level up your eyebrow routine. 

The Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect (P990 at Glamourbox) is a double-ended pen with a waxy, slanted tip for shading and tinted brow mascara at the other end. It's pretty much my brow routine but in one product - it's got something to sculpt my brows, and something else to set and hold 'em down. So convenient! I also love the color selection. In fact, these are the exact same colors as the original Brow Define (a stalwart fave!).

The Dual Brow Perfect differs from the Brow Define in several ways, however. It's softer, waxier, and therefore not as scratchy as it's being applied. It covers more ground more quickly due to the wide slanted tip of the shader. The downside to that though is that you get less control when it comes to drawing precise hairs.

The spoolie end of the DBP is the same as the BD - it's an excellent brow makeup blender and I'm glad they kept it! - but the DBP dips into a brow mascara. The brow mascara is thin, watery, and feels light on the eyebrows. It tames the hairs nicely but I wish it has more color to it. It's practically sheer! It can't shade by itself, which I suppose makes sense as you get a coloring tip anyway.

So which one should you go for? Go for Dual Brow Perfect if you have hard to tame brows and want a softer pencil. Brow Define is ideal for those who want precise yet soft brows. If you've got gaps and a lot of unevenness, you would want to get the BD as it covers up bald areas better due to the harder texture.

Above are swatches of the three shades, plus the barely tinted mascara. Husk is a light ashy blonde, perf for natural-looking brows, while Dynasty is browner, warmer. Nile is an ashy charcoal which I find too dark for my hair color. I recommend Husk if you have light dyed hair and Dynasty if you're a typical warm Filipina brunette.

In the left picture I'm wearing Husk and on the right I have Dynasty on. I normally wear Husk for my day-to-day engagements, but I go for Dynasty when I want more bongga brows. I like thicker brows for events since they show up better in the light and on cam!

Overal, I highly recommend the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect if you're looking for brows that appear effortless yet clean. It's hard to mess up with this product as the colors, level of pigmentation, angle of the tip, and even the mascara will conspire to help you achieve the eyebrows you want, noob or not. ^_^ Really neat. Try it soon from Glamourbox

Have a great weekend guys! Lemme know what you think of these EoH stuff, as always.