Why I no longer enjoy shopping for clothes

I've been feeling frumpy and boring lately so I decided to go shopping for clothes yesterday. I wanted to update my look with a few interesting new things - something that I don't often do now, not as much as I used to. Before, I can happily spend a solid four or five hours in the mall just looking for clothes and shoes to wear. Now, it's a hassle and a chore.

What changed? One reason is that I already know my style well enough to discard 80% of things I see in a store. I know what works for my body and my personality so I don't even bother fitting just any random shiny piece. When I do like something, it has to be able to stay with me for a long time. I no longer have patience for clothes that fall apart after just a few washes. Cost is not the problem. I'd rather buy one good item instead of three crappy ones.

What makes the whole shopping experience all the more frustrating though is how most retail clothes are ill-fitting. Either the shoulders are too narrow or I can't sit down without splitting a seam. Is it because I'm fat? I don't think of myself as fat, but when I fit a medium and it's tight, I feel bad about myself (I'm typically a medium, the heavens will weep if I'm not!). I take it personally now. Could be a sign of age.

I also get frustrated by the choices available out there. There are sooooo many brands and so many variations of the same style that I tend to agonize over each purchase. If I'm going to blow 3000 bucks on a dress, it better be the best dress I can get for that money. Actually, it's the same even if the price tag says 500. I've had a closet full of throwaway clothes that give me little joy and I prefer to avoid such a disaster from ever happening again.

When I open my closet to decide what to wear for the day, I want to know that I will look good in whatever I pick out. It doesn't matter if I'm feeling bloated that day or just plain lazy. I should be able to look polished or fabulous, as the occasion dictates, in five minutes.

My shopping trip yesterday wasn't all that horrible though. I found a few nice pieces from Zara and Sfera, and because of the mid-season sale, I didn't spend as much as I though I would. I still agonized about it every step of the way though and won't be doing it again anytime soon! I'd rather go thrifting, where I can experiment at a low cost, or have my clothes tailored, where I would know that it's going to turn out exactly as I imagined it. Life's too short for ugly clothes, don't you think?