What's inside the exclusive Bioderma x BDJ Box

Bioderma, the French pharmacie brand, is most famous for its micellar water cleansers, but did you know that it also has an extensive skincare line? Bioderma believes that the skin carries inside it the capacity to heal itself - therefore, the brand only uses ingredients that activate that power and mimics the resources naturally found in the skin. "Biology in the service of dermatology" is not just an empty motto. It's what Bioderma has been living by for 45 years now.

I've actually been recently trying out a tube of the Pore Refiner and I'm loving it! It's such good timing that I received the exclusive Bioderma BDJ Box for July just yesterday. I'm very curious about the rest of the brand's products and there's no better way to try them out than with a boxful of samples.

Yes, almost everything is sample sized except for the full The BodyShop Lip & Cheek Tint tube and P200 GC. It's quite out of place, but I understand that subscribers want full-sized cosmetics. I suppose BDJ included the TBS stuff to keep everybody happy! It does make the box more appealing especially to those who aren't really looking to try new skincare.

Here is the list of the Bioderma samples inside:

Sensibio Tonique (P1,658), Atoderm Cream (P1,598), Sensible Eye Contour Gel (P1,248), Sensibio AR Cream (P1,668), Atoderm Preventive (P1,998), Sebium Global Cream (P1,318), Atoderm Intensive (P1,418), and Cicabio Cream (P998).

The prices aren't too bad for such an internationally respected brand, no? I remember Julia raving about the Cicabio Cream so that's on my list to try. It's also always nice to have a travel-sized eye cream for, well, traveling. 

You can find Bioderma in select Watsons stores (I know of one in the SM Aura department store) but most of the skincare products can only be had from dermatological clinics. Some are supposed to be prescribed and are not available over-the-counter. Here is the list of clinics carrying Bioderma. You can open the image in a new tab so you can zoom in.

Hope you found this informative! Did anyone get the Bioderma BDJ Box this month? How do you like it?