Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette in Me, Myself, and Eye

Sleek is the UK equivalent of NYX, and like NYX has gained popularity by offering affordable yet colorful and highly pigmented makeup. I first heard about it when raves of its eyeshadow palettes started circulating around the internet. Naturally I was curious, so I finally scored one for myself called the Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette in Me, Myself, and Eye (P650 in Digital Traincase).


The short of it is, it's pretty good! The color selection doesn't make sense to me but I actually like it that way. I already have so many color coordinated palettes so at this point I'm just looking for unique, stand-out colors I don't have yet. Me, Myself, and Eye definitely has those.

What I love about the product

  • Colors, hands down. Salt N' Peppermint, Primal Green, Lilac Allen, Supernova, and Blue Monday are memorable shades you can build a whole look on!
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Staying power is pretty good. Doesn't crease as much as other eyeshadows.

  • Most eyeshadows in this palette have a creamy, smooth texture.
  • It's only P650 for 12 colors! How affordable is that. You can collect as these palettes come in other themes like neutrals, smoky, acid, and so on.
  • Love the size and packaging. It's not too big, but not too small. So you can carry it around. Has a big mirror too.

Barry White, Black Box, Salt N' Peppermint, Simply Red (oops forgot to swatch Pink Beret!), Primal Green

Look at that vibrancy!

Fade To Gray, Blue Monday, Supernova, Chris Burgundy, Lilac Allen, Golden Silvers

I was wondering why this shade is called Blue Monday. It just looks like a silvered black. But if you look closely, you'll see the subtle blue shimmer!

Lilac Allen is also super nice

What I don't like about the product

  • Quality of the powder eyeshadows is not uniform. For example, Golden Silvers is a little gritty while Pink Beret is kinda chalky. Nothing you can't fix with patience, however. And use a good base.
  • Blue Monday and Black box are too pigmented. They leave a dark smudge if you don't remove them properly.


The Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palette in Me, Myself, and Eye is a palette that I would recommend for more advanced makeup users. The colors can be difficult to work with if you don't have the right tools and techniques, but then again, they are also the product's main strength if you're already a makeup maven. 

For beginners, I suggest getting the neutral and more pastel-inclined Sleek palettes that are equally gorgeous but more user-friendly. Digital Traincase has more selections so best check them out.


Love it. Me, Myself, and Eye is a fun palette that opens up more possibilities for me. That teal - wow! That one's a winner. I also like Supernova because it's a sultry mauve-taupe that I think would go well with lilacs and purples as a crease shade. Antique Green is my favorite green. Aside from the shade, it's also extremely creamy.

Using Primal Green + Gold Silvers here

So yeah, great palette. I'll show you more looks as I do them. Sometimes kasi I just never get the chance to take photos because I'm rushing out, and even if I want to wear brights, I just can't since I'm usually off to work meetings. 

Anyway, what do you think? Do you already have a Sleek palette?