Staff Picks: We share our #shelfies!

You've sneaked a peek into our kikay kits, now we reveal how we store our beauty products! I personally find #shelfies more intriguing because they allow us to see what a people really use on a regular basis. I love seeing what brands they love and  which products they collect the most. 

Shelfies also give me more ideas on how to store my own makeup stash, and how to style them. Some PV staffers prefer a minimalist approach while others show off splashes of color. We also try our best to keep things as organized as possible, but with a beauty addiction and friends who are enablers (we share promo updates and new releases in our PV chat group!) things can get quickly out of hand. Here goes!

Liz: My makeup area is impossible at the moment, so I'd like to show y'all what my bathroom shelf looks like instead. I've got a few essentials here that I've been using for YEARS - the Bifesta Lip & Eye Remover, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Shiseido Ibuki facial wash, Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo, and Re-Nu contact lense solution. More recent things I've been crazy about (more or less within the year) are the Estee Lauder Nutritious facial wash, AHA Wash Cleansing, and Zenutrients Gugo Shampoo. The tow latest additions are the Nivea Micellar Cleansing Water and Batiste Dry Shampoo.

I must say, I LOVE the Batiste! I picked it up in Bangkok a few months back and it's life. I didn't really like dry shampoo before until I tried this one. It smells great, puffs up my hair, and doesn't cause dandruff or breakouts. Do you guys know where I can buy it locally?

Sam: I'm in the process of moving my stash so I have to re-organize everything, but I do have a "top shelf" that displays (what else) Top Shelf material — a bunch of bases, brushes, reliable shadows, cheek products, lip treatments hidden in that lipstick box, and my favorite lipstick. These are stuff I will typically reach for, and I've recently added a skin care box so I don't forget my night regimen. But! Also! They need to look pretty damn good. #PackagingSnob.

Den: Sorry, am cheating on this one because the only thing collection that's organized at the moment are my lippies! I keep everything in a double-decked, wooden bento box from Japan. My current faves and newest additions are stacked on top for easy access but I like going through all the tubes every so often to rediscover old loves.

Katsy: You know the saying "out of sight, out of mind"? That's how I am with my makeup stash so I always need to see them. I find it especially important to keep my lipstick collection visible so that I remember not to keep getting new ones. This is how they are at the moment, displayed on my desk. The rest of my makeup are stored in a Muji Drawer within rolling reach.

Kim: I'm constantly trying to reorganize my beauty stash but here's how it looks like ATM. The bulk of my makeup is currently stored in stackables that I get from Daiso but I'm waiting for IKEA to arrive so I can get a proper vanity table that can fit all of my makeup.

Angela: My top shelf is pretty cluttered most of the time because I like hoarding stuff. I’m trying my best to declutter by giving away some products to my cousins and friends, though. My shelf is full of makeup because my skincare stash is usually in the bathroom. Lipsticks contribute to the majority of the makeup that I own and they are stored in one box so I can immediately see the choices that I have when going out. My shelf is divided into sections: lipsticks, eye makeup, brushes, bases, palettes, and perfumes. I want to get a lipstick organizer like Kim’s to display my favorites, too. And of course, I love everything pink!

So there you have it. This is where we spend hours (or minutes when rushing) primping ourselves. How do you organize your shelf? Let us know in the comments below!