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Call This An Intervention: Eight things to do when you have too much makeup

Wait, can you actually have too much makeup? Sadly, the truth holds still: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you’re having trouble keeping your stash properly stored or even just choosing which products to use, maybe it’s time to admit that your collection has gotten out of hand. Regain control, maximize your stash, and free up some space (for new stuff *wink wink*) with these top tips!

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Brighten, Sparkle, and Glow with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is one of the most underrated brands in the Philippines. The price intimidates most people, I suppose, but in my experience it delivers what you pay for. Each product does exactly what it is meant to do and some, even a little bit more! I don't want to play favorites but out of all the brands in my vanity, Bobbi Brown is one of the names I pick up the most. It's been consistently amazing since Day 1.

A lot of praise, I know, but it's from the very bottom of my heart. If you have a few gs to spare and want something that you will actually finish up, Bobbi Brown is a foolproof choice. :) Anyway! I actually want to talk about Bobbi's February release, which is called the Sparkle & Glow Collection.

Sparkle & Glow is designed to give the skin some much-needed lift and brightness. There's shimmer of course but it's very subtle and fine; just enough to bring light to the skin, but not too much that it looks tacky. I have one of the sparkle eyeshadows so I'll talk about that in a bit! In the meantime here's more information about the individual products in the collection.

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Capsule reviews: Etude House x Annika Wester Wannabe Collection

Annika Wester is a famous illustrator who has done work for big names like Vogue, Anna Sui, MAC (to name a few) and has shown her art in galleries all over the world. According to her blog, her " presents a various number of characters, silhouettes and items displayed throughout her own stylish way of drawing. The features are softened and the colors often bright, which gives the viewer a feeling of joyful indolence..."

The Etude Girl illustrations by the talented Annika Wester

Cool right? And now, Ms Wester has partnered with Etude House for their Wannabe Collection! It's a rather expansive collection with a face palette, powder, lipsticks, nail polishes, scent and gloss combos, and even falsies all incased in Ms Wester's trademark artwork.

The Etude Girl is, surprise surprise, Sandara Park of 2NE1

Okay, this is a rather long intro, but I am just amazed by Annika Wester and Etude House's awesome idea in partnering with her. Whoever said that art and makeup can never mix is deadly wrong! So! I'll be reviewing some of the Wannabe pieces I have with me.

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Hot right now: Ensembles, Pond's, Multiply

Heads up! I'd like to share the most interesting news I got in my inbox. ;) Enjoy.

Ensembles x Religioso

Ensembles has a new collection this September! It's designed by Choc and Yvette Religioso, the duo behind that luxe store in Greenbelt 5. The collection "embodies the stylish empowered woman of the new millennium, inspired by the genteel well-dressed women of the past.  Each piece origininates from the classic button down shirt, given a dash of drama that is the signature of the line’s designers".

Ensembles by Religioso PRESS KIT\A Campaign Photos with Carmina V\Ensembles by Religioso Campaign Photoe

Here are my top three pieces! My favorite is this shirtdress. It's so moderno! I wonder if it comes in other colors.

Ensembles by Religioso PRESS KIT\C Runway Photos\Ensembles by Religioso RunwayJ

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