My top five mascaras

"You're not wearing falsies?!" is something I've gotten used to hearing these past few months. Okay I'm bragging but only because I happen to own some of the best mascaras in the country - by themselves, my lashes are all sad and thin! So mascara and an amazing eyelash curler take all the credit.

I've raved about and used up my favorite mascaras from last year, so this time I thought I'd share my top mascaras this year as of August 2012. There are the ones that I always reach out for - they're all good, but they have different features that I need for certain looks.

Let's get started!

If I have to choose only one mascara to use forever, it would have to be the Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Mascara. It's everything that mascara should be  - lengthening, volumizing, and still natural-looking overall. Most importantly, this baby washes off but doesn't smudge or budge while you're wearing it. San ka pa!

Best for: natural, clean looks 

The downside is that it's P1,800 per tube. -_- Gosh. Will I buy this? I honestly don't know. There are other fantastic mascaras out there at less than half the price minus the washable feature. But this Shu mascara is the best for me. So I don't know if I'll buy this when I run out! We'll find out I guess.

My second favorite mascara would be Majolica Majorca Lash King. It's my go-to mascara for events because it can make lashes look like falsies. For real. I wore it out recently and a makeup artist couldn't believe that I just used mascara on my lashes and nothing more.

Aside from the falsie effect, this doesn't smudge or budge either - you can swim in this and it will stay on.

Best for: events, smoky eyes

This is most appropriate only for evening events or anything dressy for that matter. This can really make your lashes look crazy big and that's not always a good thing! So yeah, I use this mascara with moderation.

Probably the closest thing to the Shu mascara (that I've tried) would be the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. It's a clean, volumizing and lengthening yet natural mascara much like Shu's. It also looks similar to Shu because it gives a thick base that narrows down to the tips. This is only P750 so great deal!

Best for: clean, precise looks, day or night makeup

Downside, it's a bit stubborn to remove. It's even more stubborn than Lash King because it runs and smudges heavily when you try to wipe it off! But then again, you can't have everything unless you want to pay the price.


I love the Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara because it can lengthen lashes like no one's business. It's fairly easy to remove too - easier than the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara for sure. I also like that it's a glossy mascara so my lashes look pretty and sparkling when I wear it. Hehe.

Best for: lengthening, definition

Last but not least, I also love the Avon SuperMagnify Mascara. It may take a while to build up the volume and length, but when it's there the lashes look super black and thick. The wand is super nice also since it's thin and easy to maneuver around the hard-to-reach lashes. This is perfect for girls with very thin and sparse lashes because the Supermagnify wand can reach those.

Oh, it's also great for bringing out the bottom lashes!

Best for: tiny, hard to reach lashes, natural thick look

So that's it. I have a few new mascaras up for review soon. Will they beat my top 5? Find out! ;)

Your turn! What are your favorite mascaras ever?