How do you take your red?

I'm into red lately, particularly red lipstick. I'm also digging the vintage 50s movie star look, so my outfits recently are along those lines.

Anyway! I know that red on lips can be a rather intimidating color, but worn the right way, it can be your defining polished look. Sounding like a broken record I know, but out of all the lipstick shades out there red is the most liberating color to wear. You'll know it if you've tried it.

To answer my own question, I usually wear red lipstick in two ways: one an ultra clean, barely done face with big lashes, and another with smoky brown eyeshadow. The first is more appropriate for day events, while the second is the perfect choice for evenings out.

Of course, contouring is a must for both looks! Skip the blush to keep the focus on red alone.

Smolder, baby!

How about you, how do you wear your red? :D