My favorite makeup brushes

I am a big believer in fingers when it comes to applying concealer and liquid foundation, but for other products, I have a small coterie of brushes that I prefer to use on a regular basis. I have other similar brushes that I reach out for but this set is always my first choice! 

If you're into makeup for personal use, then you don't really need an elaborate set of specialized brushes to apply your products. Just get few basic brushes and you're good to go for everyday looks. Like me. :P

So, here are my favorite brushes!

From left to right: Sigma E55 / E40 duo, Estee Lauder lid brush I got from a set, fake NARS crease brush, Charm blending brush (from the Charm Travel Pro V3 brush set), fake NARS smudge brush,  Charm Double Ended Eyebrow Brush, Charm eyeliner brush (from the Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan Makeup Brush Set)

The Sigma E55 / E40 duo can do my whole eye makeup from lid, crease, to highlight. I love this because it's efficient to use - no need to switch around! The Estee Lauder brush is so dense that it packs lid color wonderfully. The couple of fake NARS brushes here may be, well, fake, but they perform with no hitch; I've had them for three years now I think.

The Charm brow brush is awesome so read the review. The eyeliner brush, I demonstrated here.

And now for the face brushes -

L-R:  Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush,  nameless P120 powder brush, Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush

I think I've already said everything there is to be said about these brushes in my reviews, so if you're insterested in them, just click the links above. :)


And that's it! Pray tell, what are your favorite brushes EVER?