Awesome find: the best powder brush

I'm always hovering in department stores in the hopes of scoring something great, something other people may have missed. Last Tuesday, I hit gold! I visited the department store at Market! Market! to buy nail polish when I spotted this awe-inspiring, crazy cheap powder brush right across the nail polish aisle:

It was incredibly soft, had shiny hair, had the right density and - best thing EVER - it only cost me P119! I've been mooning over a high-quality powder brush from Suqqu since I saw Lisa Eldridge use one in a video. But since Suqqu is not available here and I probably can't afford it, I'm happy that I found a nice alternative. It's not the same shape but guys, you really need to feel how soft this P119 brush is. <3

This brush has fine synthetic hair very similar to the one Ellana uses for their brushes. The only difference is that, IMHO, this nameless brush has finer soft hair (Ellana's is a bit stiffer). It has a wooden matte black handle and metal ferrule that holds the hairs tightly. I didn't see any fall-out after washing the brush.

I also love that this tool is the right size and density for applying loose or packed powder all over the face, neck, and décolletage. It doesn't eat the powder and doesn't disturb the foundation/concealer you already have underneath. I suppose that you can also use this to apply foundation, but expect only light coverage (if that's the look you were going for).

Washing didn't cause the hair to bleed, lose shape or shed any hair, which to me is a pretty huge deal. It also didn't have that strong chemical smell most brushes have before you give them a bath. There is one thing I don't like about it though - some hairs tend to frizz up a little. It's not that obvious right now, but I see how that can be a problem in the future.

Overall, this is a great brush that has the same quality as other high-end brushes out there. Did I say it's only P119? It's such a steal. You can find it in the Market! Market department store, right across the Bobbie nail polishes. I'm going to buy two more in case they don't stock anymore (and I recommend you do too!).

Any great finds lately? Share naman!