Charm Double Ended Eyebrow Brush

I'm sure you've seen this kind of brush before - a brush with two ends, a flat, angled one, and one with a spoolie. I never appreciated them because they didn't do much for my eyebrows. Sure the spoolie end is good for blending, but the angled end doesn't pick up enough brow powder nor apply it evenly because the brush is made of synthetic hair (which is best for cream/liquid makeup).

I like this dense eyebrow brush from Nichido for applying eyebrow color but I find it too stiff and hard to wield properly. The tiny brush that comes with the In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Color works well except that it's too small to be comfortable. Yes, I'm Liz McWhiny! I don't know of any brand that makes the perfect eyebrow brush for me!

That is, until Charm made THIS.

Why is this different from brushes you can find in the mall? The thing that sets the Charm Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush (P300) apart from all the other brushes is its thick, natural hair that is the right density and stiffness for applying eyebrow powder. It doesn't just dump the color on the brows; it blends the powder and gives a soft finish. The flat angled brush head is also the right size. It's not too small that you have to spend a lot of time filling in your kilay, but not so big that you go over your natural lines.

The spoolie end is pretty standard. There's nothing special about it, it tames the brows and blends the eyebrow makeup as it should.

How should you use it? The angled end is best for eyebrow powder. I recommend the one from In2It, it's pretty awesome and I've been using it for years! However, any brown eyeshadow close to the color of your hair will do. That's the beauty of this brush, you don't need any special product to maximize it. 

Personally, I like putting eyebrow powder on top of a brow pencil. Here's my eyebrow routine for reference. It also shows how I use this Charm brush.

How much is it and where is it sold? It's not yet up on the site, but you can order this from Beauty and Minerals online. It's also available in Purbeauty in Serendra and in Shang Crossings.

Verdict. It's awesome. I use this every single time I go out! You can see in the video how it finished up my whole look. ;) This is a must-have. If you can't afford expensive pencils or eyebrow powders, just get this brush instead for the kilay of your dreams. Lol!