Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan Makeup Brush Set

The Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan Brush Set (P2,500) is not your normal brush set. What sets it apart from the multitudes of other sets out there is the carefully designed brushes that are also multi-purpose. A slanted mini-flat top brush, a fluffy highlighter brush, and a fine smudge brush are just some of its more distinctive charms. Pun intended!

What makes it more interesting is the fact that the brushes perform really well even with what should be a handicap - they're made of synthetic fiber, not animal hair. The former is amazing at picking up cream and liquid makeup but normally not so good at working with powder. In these Charm brushes though, the vegan hair does the job of picking up and applying makeup wonderfully, no matter if it's a powder or liquid.

The set contains 14 brushes, but you can actually buy most of them separately. If you find that you already have something similar to the brushes in the collection, you can just update whatever you have with these Charm ones! They're quite affordable at less than P400.

So let's get cracking, shall we? I'll be explaining what each brush can do so you can decide for yourself if you need any.

Powder brush. This is more like a kabuki brush to me, and so can be used that way. It's very dense and can be used with powder and liquid/cream makeup, the way a kabuki brush woudl. It can apply foundation, blush, and finishing powder seamlessly - definitely a must-have brush.

Blush and countour brush. This doesn't pick up much pigment as a blush brush, so I suggest you use this with crazy pigmented blushes to get a natural effect. It's great as a contour blush - no harsh lines! It can also triple as a liquid foundation brush actually; it's dense and shapred quite right for that purpose.

Foundation brush. This is Charm's best foundation brush yet, IMHO. It's packed tightly and stiff, so it spreads foundation evenly. Great stuff!

Big eyeshadow and concealer brush. Now this is an interesting specimen. It's LARGE and fluffy. I wouldn't suggest this for eyeshadows since it's too big (unless you want to wear one wash of eyeshadow all over your lids), but it's the perfect brush for applying highlighter and touching up spots with powder. 

Mini angled flat-top brush. Love this one! I like using it with cream concealer. It applies the concealer opaquely but the edges are feathered out, saving me blending time. It also works as a contour brush around the nose.

Angled eyeshadow brush. Standard brush for applying eyeshadows on the lid.

Smudge/ pencil brush. This is probably one of the sleekest pencil brushes out there! This is great for smudging eyeliners for that smoky distressed look. I also use it to apply eyeshadow on the lower lid since it gives a precise but not too sharp line.

Concealer/ pack brushes. It comes in two sizes. The smaller one is best for using with concealer while the bigger one can do concealers and eyeshadows (foiling or wet application). I used the big one to pack the red eyeshadow in this look.

Blending brush. Standard blending brush, just the right size for asian eyes. You can use this for applying eyeshadow on the brow bone and to blend your crease color.

Angled eyebrow/ eyeliner brush. This is best for shading eyebrows with powder or wax!

Lip brush! 

Spoolie for blending eyebrow makeup and separating mascara.

And that's it! Let me know your thoughs on this set and which brushes you plan to get for yourself. ;)  

You can purchase this brush set from Beauty and Minerals or Digital Traincase