Rave: Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush

Ok, back story: I've been looking for an awesome blush brush since June. I don't want any normal brush. I want something I will look forward to using everytime I wear makeup, something that feels luxurious and beautifying. Have I lost my mind? I looked far and wide for this mythical brush. There are only two brushes I seriously considered: one from Japonesque and the MAC 116 brush. The problem is that they both cost roughly P2,000. I told mysef to save up, I still have other items to knock off my list (such as a new camera, phone, and the Clinique Derma White Super City Block - such an awesome SPF product). So I didn't get my dream brush.

That is, until I saw this Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush (P299) in SM Makati last Saturday.

I was trolling the beauty aisles aimlessly that afternoon. One of the many Marionnaud stands was right smack in the middle of the walkway so I didn't miss it. I first saw the powder brush, it looked new plus it cost P500! Since when did Marionnaud brushes cost P500 a piece? The label says Marionnaud Premium. I immediately looked for a blush brush and wham! There it was.

I'll go on ahead and say that this is PERFECT. This is what I've been looking for. Don't bother reading my review, dash away and get one from Watsons/ SM Department Store!

What I LOVE about this product

  • The natural hair is incredibly soft with the right density. It feels like a dream on my face.
  • The brush is the right size and angle for both blushing and contouring. You'll remember that the cheaper Marionnaud blush/contour brush doesn't do much but contour (unevenly while it's at it). This new brush is worlds better.

  • Applies color evenly. Blushes and bronzers get that soft, well-blended finish when applied with this brush.
  • This long-handled beauty has a matte ferrule and a sort of rubber-texture handle. Has a bit of heft. It feels and looks like an expensive brush up there with MAC and Japonesque.
  • Didn't have that chemical smell new brushes have. It didn't bleed or shed hair when I first washed it.
  • CHEAP! It's only P299 considering all of the above. How cool is that?


What I don't like about the product

  • Absolutely nothing.



Get it ASAP. Get two if you can. The Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush is a total must-have in your kit! The Marionnaud Premium line has a few other brushes too, if you're not looking for a blush brush right now. I spotted a long-handled powder brush, a kabuki brush, retractable powder brush, and crease brush. I wish they'd make more eyeshadow brushes!


Obviously, I love it. I'm definitely stocking up. Thanks Marionnaud for coming up with such an awesome product at a great price! I will be forever greatful to you for saving me from spending P2,000 on another brush.

I don't know exactly where Marionnaud Premium brushes are available, but it can probably be found in major Watsons and SM Department Stores (beauty section). Hope you guys can update in the comments as you find it, for the benefit of those who want to get it. :D