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How to do your eyebrows the K-Beauty way

Move over, Instagram brows - Korean straight brows are in. They're perfect for creating a look that's sweet, innocent, and oh-so young! Naturally, they pair well with Hallyu-inspired gradient lips and puppy eyeliner. If you've attempted it before and ended up with a solid block instead of feathery frames, we're here to help you, dear reader, to achieve your K-Drama goals. Snagging an oppa on the side is just a plus!

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The Beauty Peg: The tutorial videos of seven celebs who do their own makeup

Raise your hand if you've ever watched video after video of makeup tutorials, only to realize it's past midnight! We feel it's well-worth all the hours on YouTube though - after all, we need to know how to properly use the products we've spent on. Famous makeup artists and beauty gurus are staples when it comes to channel subscriptions but if you wanted to cop the look of a certain actress or personality, why not go straight to the source?

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Shiseido Week: How to use the Perfect Foundation Brush

Seamless and well-blended makeup is the best kind. To achieve it, use a stiff, buffing brush that can work the product into your skin, diffusing the pigments in the formula until they look practically invisible. One brush that is made for exactly that kind of thing is the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (P1,500). This is so famous that a lot of other Asian brands have copied it already!


I've already done a full review of the brush, so this time I'll just be showing you a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to use it and what you can use it with. It's a great brush not only for applying foundation and concealer, but for putting on liquid highlighter and blush as well. Let's get started!

Step 1: Pick your favorite liquid, cream, or in this case, mousse foundation. Apply the foundation in streaks all over your face. Then, spread the product all over your face with the brush. You're just aiming for coverage at this point. Add more on your problem areas but keep it sheer where your good skin is.

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Reader question: How to conceal dark blemishes

Hi Miss Liz! I have a birthmark on the face and while I know that sometimes, confidence is the key, people looking all the time can get to you. And I want to try going birthmark free for the first time! How do I cover it? What do I buy? Heavy concealer? Heavy foundation? I'm pretty much willing to go until the MAC budget, but no high-ends such as Chanel, etc. Thank you! :) - Hannah

Hi Hannah! Thanks for your question. I know how debilitating it is to walk around with marks on the face. We want to tell ourselves that it shouldn't affect our self-esteem, but they still exist and people look at them. I've been struggling with blemishes most of my life. They're not quite the same thing as a birth mark, but the principle of concealing them should apply.

The trick is concealing only the problem spot/s instead of your whole face. The finished look would be more natural, showing more skin than makeup! You also have to be careful about the concealers you use. They should be able to stick for hours, even after a lot of oil and swear - maybe even water if you're out for a swim. 

In this tutorial, I used a light foundation (actually, it's just a cc cream) as a base, applied a thick, opaque concealer to completely cover the blemishes, and then applied a thinner concealer to blend in the thick concealer. Then, I set the whole thing with powder to seal the makeup in place.

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Tutorial: How to create strong yet flattering eyebrows

Why would anyone want to have strong, maybe even bushy-looking eyebrows? I think that would be your first question! In my opinion, full eyebrows look good on anyone at any age. It's not a handicap or just a trend, it really is flattering to have well-defined brows. Full eyebrows can make one look younger and the face, slightly smaller. They can even make your eyes look more expressive and alive!

It's not difficult to do, too. All you need is a dark eyebrow pencil that matches your hair and a spoolie or brush to blend the color in properly. You can opt to use a gel or pen brow filler but it's less hassle to do it with a pencil if you ask me. ;)

The best pencil for this purpose is the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown BR602. It's a shade that's perfect for us dark-haired girls, since it's not terribly pigmented while providing the right amount of coverage. It comes with a natural hair brush on the other end, as well! It's what I'm using for this tutorial. 

Let's get cracking!

Step 1: Clean up your eyebrows. I highly recommend going to a brow salon if you're attempting this for the first time, but if you don't have the time nor the budget, you can at least do some basic cleaning.

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Tutorial: Retro Summer Look

The perfect summer look for me would be ultra-light, quick to apply, and fairly sweat-resistant. It would unfailingly involve a punch (or two) of color, just to get into the festive summer vibe. Instead of powder products like eyeshadow and blush, I'd go for a liquid tint on the cheeks and a cream color on the eyes for better staying power.

Hence I've come up with this look featuring a couple of cheap-ass eyeliners. By cheap I mean they are only P150 from Watsons! These eyeliners from a new brand called Essence (blogged it here) and believe you me, they're pretty long-wearing for the price. I wore this to the mall and came home after six hours with intact eyes. I applied primer beforehand though. 

Moving along, here's a step-by-step tutorial on how I did my retro summer look. I used Cool Down (electric blue) and Bling Bling (golden copper) on my eyes. Let's begin!

Step 1: I used Urban Decay Primer potion all over my lids to ensure that these cream products stay on. I then picked up Bling Bling and drew it all over my lids, just stopping at the crease.

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Tutorial: Makeup for college girls

College is a time to just enjoy yourself. Meet as many people as you can, excel in your interests (academic or extra-curricular), and just have smashing fun! While doing all that, keep your face clean everyday with skincare that suits your skin's needs, and wear minimal, enhancing makeup that can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

How? Ta dah, I made a tutorial! I took into consideration the late nights a college gal would spend on reports (and/or parties teehee), the sun exposure while rushing to classes, and the occasional zits that may pop up. This is also a quick routine with only one basic brush required and fairly affordable product recommendations. Ready? Here goes!

Step 1: Wear makeup that offers some SPF protection, or wear an SPF cream before your foundation of choice. This is a must! Sun damage can show as early as your 20s so protect your skin ASAP. Here I used the Laneige Snow BB Cream with SPF50 because it's in a handy compact.

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