Five makeup tutorials to try from Japanese idols

Before I became obsessed with Korean pop groups and dramas, Japanese anime and dramas were my jam. The only reason I didn't get as (ehem) involved is because it's harder to search for information on Japanese idols online. Thank goodness I found Kawaii Pateen, a Japanese makeup YouTube channel that showcases different Japanese makeup styles! They include all kinds of tutorials, including cosplay looks like Lolita, shirogyaru (white skinned gals), and even kurogyaru (dark skinned gals)!

A lot of the tutorials are very colorful and loud because they're for cosplaying or designed for the funky fashion of Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara, but there are practical and useful tutorials for everyday makeup we can wear here in the PH, too. Here are a few of our favorites:

Doll-inspired everyday makeup look by Melo Shiruyaki of Meltia

Fancy sweetening up your daily look? Melo, a member of the Lolita idol group Meltia, shares a tutorial designed to create more doll-like features but actually looks wearable for everyday. It looks pretty simple and natural, with matte skin and delicate touches of pink.

Schoolgirl makeup by Pikarin "Hikari" Shiina

Getting ready for school should be a quick affair, and singer Pikarin's tutorial uses a simple purple tint powder for her base! The purple shade corrects yellow tones that Asians usually have, which instantly brightens the skin. She also uses one of our favorite kilay products, the K-palette Lasting 2way Brow, to quickly polish her arches.

Makeup for eyeglass-wearers by Minakata Yui

Wear your specs proud with a makeup look that complements it! Japanese fashion model Minakata shows that wearing eyeglasses shouldn't stop you from playing up your peepers with eyeshadow and mascara. She also draws her eyebrows a bit thicker than usual to balance them better with the frames. 

A base makeup tip from Moco

Designer and model Moco shares an interesting tip for thinning out foundation: simply mix in some sunscreen into the product before putting it on. She recommend any specific ratios but a 1:1 ratio of bb cream and sunscreen will work. If you still wonder about which one you should be applying first, this hack allows you to apply both in a single step!

Haruka Kurebayashi shares how to make eyes look bigger

Model and vocalist Haruka is popular for her "big eyes" tutorials, but the tip in this particular video can be adapted for everyday wear. When drawing on eyeliner, focus on creating a slightly thicker line along the middle of the eyelid (above the area where the pupil is) to create a wider-eyed look. This is a great tip for small-eyed gals like me!

What do you think about these J-idol beauty tutorials? Do you know of other beauty or makeup tips that are unique to Japanese beauty? And if you happen to be a fan, can you recommend a good site for more J-idol goodness?