Five Beauty Tips From KPOP Idols That Will Change Your Life

Being a fan of Korean pop music led me to discover K-beauty, and I've been obsessed ever since! I follow K-idols on Instagram and Beautiology 101, a K-drama about makeup. Of course, they also have K-beauty shows, and one of my favorites is called Get It Beauty

This show is one of my main sources for getting updates on the newest trends and hottest products, but I also love this show because they invite K-idols to share beauty tips in the Get It Beauty Self and Get It Beauty Talking Mirror segments. There are over a hundred videos on the playlist, which you can binge on whenever you want. I'd like to share five pieces of advice that changed my makeup-loving life!

Sohee: It's easy to do cat eyeliner on monolids

Actress and model Sohee was a member of the pop group Wonder Girls which made you (and me) dance to Nobody Nobody But You! The monolid beauty is known for her always perfectly-applied liner, so she did a tutorial that shows how to do a cat eye on chinita eyes. She used a VDL gel eyeliner here.

First, apply your eyeliner following the natural shape of the eyelid, extending slightly on the outer corners. Tightline the top lid, making sure to fill in between the lashes and near the tear duct. Close the eye you're lining and draw a thicker line from the midpoint of your eye to the end of the flick. Lastly, lightly connect the upper wing to the lower lash line.

Song Ji-Eun: Use sheet masks daily for glowing skin

KPOP idols wear makeup every day, even when they're "off-duty" as cameras and paparazzi follow their every move. There's a huge pressure to look as flawless as possible 24/7. Wearing makeup so often can take a toll on the skin though, so Ji-eun (the main vocal of girl group Secret) shared her obsession for sheet masks. She uses them every day, keeping them on for about 30 minutes before applying her base makeup, to keep her skin bright and glowing. 

Aside from keeping the skin nourished, the masks also makes it easier to apply makeup afterwards. It acts like a primer because it makes skin smoother and more supple! Wanna try out this trick? Check out our sheet mask favorites!

Min: Draw a double-eyelid on instead of taping

Plastic surgery is fairly common in Korea, so it was something of a surprise when Min of Miss A revealed that she simply draws hers on! She explains that wearing heavy eye makeup and falsies for performances makes her monolids look like doubles, but she prefers a natural look most of the time. For those light makeup days, she uses a light brown pencil to simply draw an outline right on her eyelid. She then applies a matte brown eyeshadow to blend the obvious like and make it look more natural. No need for eyelid tape here!

Eugene: Use your fingers as brushes

Eugene was a KPOP idol way back in the 90’s and now works as an actress and TV host. She doesn't look anything like 35, though! While she has great skin, she also has a bit of dark circles that she covers up with a customized concealer shade. She then uses her fingers to apply it in thin layers and blend the product seamlessly with her skin. Her ring finger applies the concealer all over the undereye area while her little finger packs on additional coverage where it's needed. She uses her fingers for patting on cream blushes, too!

Dara: Mist before and after makeup for dewy skin

Our national krung-krung Sandara Park (who’s already in her 30s!) gets a lot of compliments for her smooth and shiny skin. Apparently, her secret is facial mists! She actually has dry skin, so she uses a mist for moisture on the go and to refresh her glow. She also uses it to prep her skin and lock in her makeup. 

Bonus: Key tells it like it is.

Key is a member of SHINee. He’s known to have one of the most amazing skin in the KPOP boy group scene. Now, he’s not trying to make you lose confidence in making this statement. In Korea as here in the Philippines, pale white skin is considered more beautiful than tan or dark skin. So please match your bb cream or foundation to your skin color, and just love the skin you're in! 

Are you a KPOP fan, too? Who are your fave idols? Have you learned any interesting beauty tips from them? Do share in the comments!